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5 Expert-Approved Self-Care Tips for the New Year


When you think of self-care tips for the new year, what comes to mind? It’s easy to imagine more bubble baths and soothing face masks on the horizon, but the reality is that self care goes far deeper than relaxing DIY spa treatments. Look up the definition of self care in the dictionary and you’ll find this entry: “Care of the self without medical or other professional consultation.” In other words, self care means looking after your own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being without any assistance from doctors.

We all know the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but there’s much more that goes into self care than simply adding one healthy serving of food to your daily intake. Here’s the good news: Incorporating little changes, one by one, can really make a big difference. Try slowly adding these self-care tips to your routine, and you just might have your best year yet.

Self Care Tips for the New Year

1. Try an exercise that you actually enjoy. According to Danielle Johnson at the Mayo Clinic, a lot of people struggle to get in shape each year because they’re forcing themselves to do workouts that they hate. Maybe you enjoy doing bed yoga or learning pilates. Or perhaps you’re interested in taking up a barre exercise. Just make sure that whatever exercise you pick is something that you’ll genuinely look forward to, and you’ll be well on your way to making a routine out of it.

2. Eat your colors. What could be more aesthetically pleasing than looking at a rainbow of colors on your plate? When those colors come from a wide variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables, it’s not only easy on the eyes but also good for your overall well-being. Here’s a helpful hint: Research suggests that yellow, orange, and green veggies specifically could help lower your risk of breast cancer.

3. Practice mindfulness. Studies show that the practice of mindful meditation not only helps clear your mind, it can also help with weight loss and getting better sleep. Who knew that simply taking a break and focusing on your breathing could help so much with some of your biggest resolutions?

4. Have fun in the sun — with sunscreen. Even though it’s cold outside, the sun still has the ability to damage your skin, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Layer up with cozy clothes, and then some SPF of at least 15 wherever your skin is exposed.

5. De-stress in a healthy way. It’s easy to reach for a bag of chips when things get tough. But this can lead to picking up a bad habit in the future. Instead, the CDC recommends continuing healthy eating and exercise behaviors as well as talking to a trusted family member, friend, or counselor about your stress. Sometimes the best helping hand can come from a good listener!

Next, learn about some tasty superfoods that can help you live longer in the video below:

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