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Marie Osmond Shares Her Secrets to Staying Radiant, Healthy, and Happy at 61


With her bright smile and infectious laugh, Marie Osmond is the picture of joy as she catches up with FIRST about her plans for Mother’s Day. But after losing her mom in 2004 and her son in 2010, the grandmother of eight understands firsthand how the holiday can be bittersweet for many women. “Even if you don’t have kids or if you’re missing someone with all your heart, ‘mother’ is still a powerful word,” she says. “We can still ‘mother’ by loving others every day.”

And in light of the pandemic, sharing that kind of love has become even more crucial. “2020 gave everyone 20/20 vision to see what’s really important, like our families, our health and helping others,” says Marie, who overcame lockdown stress by focusing on small joys like knitting and using Nutrisystem to stay healthy. Here, Marie’s secrets to a happy mind, body and spirit!

Instant Immunity Booster: Vitamin C Gel

“Olivia Newton-John once told me about Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, which is a vitamin C in a gel that I swear by now!” Marie gushes. “You squeeze it into water and it helps your immune system, which is so important, especially now. I love this vitamin C and, of course, vitamin D is excellent. Really, I love anything extra that builds your immunity. Your body is such a fighter when it’s healthy!”

Power-Up Hack: Satisfying Snacks

“You know how you eat sugar and you feel tired afterward?” Marie asks. “I avoid that slump by adding protein! I keep Nutrisystem ice cream sandwiches on hand when I want chocolate. They’re full of protein and are so addictive. They also have chocolates called ‘NutriChocolates,’ and their popcorn is so good. I also love apples or cucumbers with soy sauce and wasabi mixed in. I’ve even learned to love salads, which I used to hate. I love that it’s possible to eat crave able treats that are still healthy!”

Melts a Menopot: A Core-Building Walk

“When it comes to keeping my body healthy, walking is the key to keeping my core strong,” Marie shares. “I do it first thing when I get up, and try to keep my tummy tight while I walk. I am really loving podcasts these days, so my trick is to walk and listen — it’s a great way to stay motivated and get out, move your body and keep it simple.” Bonus: Research shows that a 10-minute daily walk can slash your risk of heart disease by up to 35 percent and revs immunity for 3 hours!

Inspires Joy: Everyday Gratitude

“Gratitude is a choice, even in the hardest moments of life,” Marie says. “I write posts on my social media every Sunday to bring people a little bit of hope, joy, and something to think positively about. I enjoy doing that. My mother was this ridiculously positive person, and every time I do it, I get this feeling like, Oh my gosh! I’m channeling my mom! It’s just a simple, beautiful way to spread that positivity around-and remember my mom, whom I loved so much and was the most incredible mother.”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

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