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Struggling With Portion Control? Kmart Has Your $2 Solution — In the Baby Aisle

If you want to shed a few pounds fast, you might consider trying portion control for weight loss. Although learning how to eat less does sound tough, one Australian woman may have just uncovered the most brilliant hack to doing just that — without spending a lot of time or money. Of course, who could’ve guessed that this secret was hiding in the baby section of Kmart all along?

Ellie Jade Kennedy, a member of the Kmart Hacks and Decor group on Facebook, shared her portion-control trick in a post that’s generating quite some buzz among her fellow Kmart enthusiasts. Ellie wrote, “[I’ve] been eating from this $2 Kmart baby plate and I have lost weight through portion control! Some plates can be so expensive.”

portion control plate

(Photo Credit: Ellie Jade Kennedy)

Like many of us, Ellie had been wanting to drop a few pounds for some time, but was having trouble keeping the weight off — especially since she was trying to save money while doing so. But she told that after just one and a half weeks of using the baby plate, she had already lost about 4.5 pounds.

“I have seen the proper plates made by nutritionists, but didn’t want to spend all the money on the plates when they were about $18 a plate,” she said. “I was waiting for my father to pick me up, so was [wandering] all the [aisles] of Kmart. I ended up in the baby section and saw the portioned baby plate for $2, and was sold on the idea.”

But don’t think that Ellie is eating baby food on the baby plate. As you can see from the photos below from her original post, her plate is consistently filled with lean meats, green vegetables, and some seriously tasty-looking sauces.

portion control sizes

(Photo Credit: Ellie Jade Kennedy)

smaller plate for weight loss

(Photo Credit: Ellie Jade Kennedy)

Just hours after her post went up, Ellie received thousands of likes and positive reactions, along with many supportive comments. 

One commenter wrote: “I just picked this plate up for my daughter yesterday. Such a great idea, have to get myself one now.”

Another person wrote: “That’s so simple and so clever, thanks for sharing and I am going to take inspiration from you and get the plate and do this.”

That said, a couple folks were skeptical about this form of portion control for weight loss. 

One wrote: “I don’t think this is right. The portions are designed for children, so how can this [be] good for an adult? The size portions look too small.”

It’s worth keeping in mind that everyone’s calorie needs are different, especially when you take the goal of weight loss into account. Even when you’re focused on losing weight, you never want to eat portions that are too small for your body. After all, you need to stay energized and healthy on your weight-loss journey.

However, it’s also good to remember that many folks out there are eating portions that are much too big during many of their meals, which may be slowing down their weight loss. That’s why experts say portion control for weight loss is a key method in preventing obesity and other health issues. Furthermore, studies have shown that simply picking a smaller portion-control plate can result in smaller food portions. This may even be true for indulgent eats: One study showed that participants who used smaller ice cream bowls served themselves less of the sweet treat than the folks who used bigger bowls.

If you’re struggling with portion control for weight loss, talk to your doctor about the best option for you. A health professional might be able to recommend the best method for you — and perhaps even the perfect plate, too.

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