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Does Turmeric Help You Lose Weight? Top MD Says Yes — Here’s How to Get the Benefits

Learn how turmeric and other super spices can improve your metabolism

Many of us grew up singing “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” But health experts are now pointing to how spoonfuls of the right cooking spices can make the numbers on the bathroom scale go down. And one of the spices that’s got the biggest buzz when it comes to weight loss is turmeric. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Does turmeric help you lose weight?’ you’ve come to the right place. We talked to top doctors and weight-loss experts to get the answer. And it’s good news! “You can use foods and spices to help you better manage your weight,” says Melina Jampolis, MD, a weight-loss doctor and author of Spice Up, Slim Down. “I’m a big believer in making small changes that can add up to optimize your health.”

Read on to learn about the fat-melting, metabolism-revving powers of turmeric and other spices hiding in your spice rack. And keep scrolling to learn how Karrie Blew lost 55 pounds with turmeric.

How turmeric helps you lose weight

You know that potent flavor of yellow curry sauce in a rice dish? That’s turmeric. This golden spice, commonly used in Indian cooking, is super healthy. It is bursting with anti-aging and antioxidant properties, thanks to its active compound, curcumin. It stands above all other spices in many ways, including its ability to reduce LDL cholesterol.

Dr. Jampolis says, “It’s a special spice that has been found to be tremendously effective in reducing and preventing inflammation.” Research shows that inflammation can trigger a cascade of hormonal and cellular changes that can damage the body. But health experts also know that decreasing inflammation can improve metabolic problems that might be stalling or blocking our weight loss progress.

Dr. Jampolis says, “For optimal absorption in the body, consume turmeric with a little bit of healthy fat and a pinch of black pepper, which contains a compound called piperine that helps increase the absorption of the curcumin in turmeric by up to 2,000%!”

Try sprinkling the spice into rice dishes, soups or sauces. Some women enjoy drinking “golden” coffee drinks with turmeric. Or reach for ready-made treats like Get Golden snack bars, made with turmeric.

More weight-loss spices

Turmeric isn’t the only spice known to help people lose weight. Keep reading to learn 5 more culinary seasonings to stock in your kitchen…


ground ginger; can turmeric help you lose weight

This savory spice is familiar to most people from an early age in forms like ginger ale. But how does it help with weight loss? The key is the way ginger functions as a thermogenic food, or something that creates heat within the body. “It helps raise up your body temperature, which will increase your calorie burn,” says biochemist and doctor of clinical nutrition Dee McCaffrey, DCN, the host of the “Diet Science” podcast and author of The Science of Skinny. As a result: “I call it a fat-burning super spice.”

Bonus: Ginger is also known to be good for the liver, the organ in charge of detoxing fat and toxins from the body. Try a mug of ginger tea or grate fresh ginger into soups or stir fry dishes. (Learn more about liver-detoxing foods for weight loss.)


bundle of cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder; does turmeric help you lose weight?

Cinnamon is possibly the sweetest spice associated with weight loss. “It’s really known as a spice of metabolism” for its ability to improve a sluggish weight-loss system, says McCaffrey. Cinnamon’s power lies in its ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels. I

n fact, consuming just 1/4 tsp. to 1/2 tsp can have a positive effect, especially on people suffering from insulin resistance, a condition where insulin can’t make its way into cells. McCaffrey explains, “Cinnamon works because it mimics the actions of insulin.” Try adding cinnamon to oatmeal, yogurt or coffee drinks.


Garlic cloves; does turmeric help you lose weight?

Garlic is a favorite among home cooks, but it can do more than deliver flavor. It can speed weight loss. “We call garlic the mighty metabolism defender with a heart-protective effect,” says McCaffrey.

Here’s how: Garlic is rich in a sulfur-containing bioactive called allicin, which is known for its metabolism-boosting abilities. It encourages the breakdown of fat so it can be shuttled off to use for energy rather than stored in extra pounds. As for the heart-healthy part: McCaffrey adds, “Garlic is also renowned for its ability to help with blood circulation, which facilitates the metabolic processes that increase your metabolism.” To get more of this spice in your life, finely chop fresh garlic and toss it into casseroles, sauces, soups or even in scrambled eggs.

Cayenne pepper

dish of cayenne pepper; does turmeric help with weight loss?

This spicy-hot seasoning is powerful, due to its capsaicin, known to prod the body to burn calories for body heat. University of Maryland scientists say it raises metabolism by 25% for 3 hours after ingesting. This pepper also neutralizes internal acid, reducing inflammation. Sprinkle cayenne into Mexican dishes, soups or meat chili.


dishes of mustard seed and mustard. Does turmeric help you lose weight?

Mustard seeds, the dried yellow seeds that are crushed to make table mustard, are rich in selenium. This mineral is vital to the health of our thyroid gland. “The thyroid really is the master controller of metabolism. It produces thyroid hormones, which are sent to all the cells of the body and signal the cells on how fast they’re going to convert your food into energy,” explains McCaffrey. Consider adding flavorful mustard seeds to salad dressings and sauces. (Discover more healthy eating hacks.)

Success story: Karrie Blew, 68

Before and after of Karrie Blew; does turmeric help you lose weight
Christine Hall

Up, up, up. Karrie Blew watched as her blood pressure climbed after she was sidelined from her job by an injury. She knew losing weight could help, but she told herself, It’s not as if I haven’t tried. Nothing works…

For 15 years, Karrie had been gaining weight and trying every diet plan and diet pill she could find, to no avail. Then she read an article in Woman’s World about how certain foods could work as powerful medicine to target fat, decrease inflammation, even slow aging genes.

The right ingredients changed everything

Inspired, Karrie made it a game to work as many of these healing foods into each meal. She reached for resveratrol-rich red grapes, berries, nuts and dark chocolate. She also developed her own powerful spice blend containing turmeric to use every time she cooked.

Karrie lost 8 pounds the first week. While nibbling on dark chocolate chips, she noted, “They tasted so good, you would never know they turned on your ‘skinny genes’ and caused you to lose weight!”

In five months, Karrie dropped 55 pounds, flattened her tummy and lowered her blood pressure. Next, she helped her husband get back to his high-school weight and her daughter beat cancer, all with the healing power of food.

Karrie says, “During the pandemic, so many people gained weight, but not me. I learned to burn fat faster than ever. My figure looks like I’m 20!”

This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult your physician before pursuing any treatment plan.

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