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Fish and Foamy Coffee Are Nicole Kidman’s Secrets to Ageless Beauty


You’d be hard pressed to find another actress who has retained her youthful appearance as well as Nicole Kidman has. To achieve her effortless glow, the 51-year-old credits an eating regimen that just might help women who try it out lose weight.

Her coastal roots inspired her love for seafood.

Kidman’s secret: lean protein. Growing up in Hawaii and then Australia, Kidman was no doubt raised on fresh catches from the sea — so, it’s not surprising that her favorite dish is “a fresh seafood platter with Sydney rock oysters, tiger prawns, mudcrab, and lobster,” according to Food & Wine.

Even though oysters and lobster aren’t something we can all afford to eat at every meal, there are some cheaper, budget-friendly options that will keep you feeling full longer. Things like canned tuna and tilapia won’t break the bank, but they will help you reach your daily suggested protein intake.

Multivitamins are the perfect fit in her busy schedule.

Another trick the svelte star uses to maintain her toned figure is multivitamins. Unless you map out your meals and snacks for the week, it’s hard to hit every suggested daily intake number. The great thing about supplements is that their benefits are two-fold: they can provide extra nutrients your body needs, and they can also cure problems unrelated to dieting, like the worst PMS symptoms.

Kidman’s strange coffee order helps her stay slim.

If you want to lose weight without dieting, this next tip is for you. “I love the foam more than the coffee,” she told People, so her order at Starbucks is more foam than liquid. While not everyone loves foam as much as Kidman, her order makes sense if you’re trying to lose weight. Asking for more foam takes up space that could have been filled with coffee, leaving you with less liquid to sweeten with creamers and artificial sweeteners, which are high in calories and fat.

Whether you chalk up Nicole Kidman’s agelessness to her diet or just good genes, there’s no denying the actress looks pretty darn good.

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