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Motivation for the Gym When It’s Last on Your List

It’s January, and though a lot of people are motivated to head into the gym, there’s some people (like us) who can think of a million and one reasons not to workout. It’s too cold out, it gets dark too early, we’re tired, it’s too much effort, we’d prefer to stay in watch Netflix and eat… the list goes on.

However, if you’re one of those people who actually wants to go to the gym and make this year your fittest and healthiest yet, then we’ve got the top five things you need to stay motivated this January.

According to a study by Virgin Active, there are several things to do that will help people get motivated for the gym and prevent them from backing out of their plans at the last minute. Some tips are: Having two gym buddies, preparing your gym gear two-and-a-half hours in advance, and minimizing the time between the gym and work.

The research also found that setting a realistic goal on how often you want to go to the gym each week, and keeping yourself warm so the cold weather won’t discourage you, will help keep you motivated.

Five Things That Will Actually Help You Go to the Gym

The 2,000 adults who participated in the study also shared their own tips for staying motivated to go to the gym. These tips included: Going to bed no later than 9:44 p.m., telling at least one person of their gym plans so it’s harder to back out, and have three different sets of fitness clothes so they always have something to wear.

Other tips include leaving two days between sessions and heading to the gym straight from the office, so you don’t have a chance to sit down. That’s pretty good advice!

If you’re trying to stay motivated to go to the gym, but you’re still struggling, don’t worry. Hannah Davies, Master Personal Trainer at Virgin Active in Aldersgate, London, shared her top tips to enhance any workout.

Fit It Into Your Lifestyle

This could be setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier and working out first thing in the morning, or using your lunch break to burn off those calories. Make sure you plan it into your day so you can stick to it. Be time efficient and train smart, not long.

Make It Social

Grab a friend and train together, or join a team or group and become part of a community where you can be held accountable, be encouraged, and socialize with like-minded people

Invest in Yourself

Get a trainer that is experienced and will tailor your sessions to you and your goals.

Start With Small Changes

Deciding to change one thing each week is much more manageable, and will lead to long-term changes without feeling too overwhelming.

This post was written by Eden-Olivia Lord. For more, check out our sister site Closer.

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