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Prevent Over-Eating, Lose Weight, and Lower Cholesterol with Glucomannan

Dr. Oz calls it "nature's skinny sponge."

Constantly feeling hungry — even after enjoying a delicious, nutritious, and filling meal — is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to diet setbacks. It can be frustrating, to say the least, but there’s supplement that can help: Glucomannan.

Although it’s not a magical potion that melts pounds away effortlessly, taking just a few grams of glucomannan each day can make it easier to avoid over-eating, said nutrition experts Mira Calton, CN, and Jayson Calton, PhD in a recent issue of our print magazine (Buy on Amazon, $19.97 for one year subscription). This is because it’s a highly soluble fiber — which is the best kind of fiber for weight loss.

“When taken before a meal, it soaks up liquid and swells to more than 10 times its original volume,” the Caltons claim. “This exerts a stretching effect on the stomach that triggers satiety signals in the brain, helping curb hunger by 30 percent for 2 hours after you take it.” They also cite a study from Norway which found that women on calorie-restricted diets who took glucomannan were able to lose twice as much weight over a five-week period than those taking a placebo.

Dr. Oz is another fan of this fiber supplement, calling it “nature’s skinny sponge.” His website claims that along with making us feel fuller, glucomannan helps reduce the amount of carbs and cholesterol our body absorbs as we eat. A 2019 study review backs that up, finding it can also aid in balancing blood sugar and ward off inflammation.

Of course, everyone is different and should consult their doctor before adding any supplements to their diet. Glucomannan has generally been found to be safe, but because of its potency should be kept to small doses of just one gram before meals. Otherwise, you risk side effects like painful cramping and bloating.

You can follow the Caltons’ suggestion with a supplement like NOW Glucomannan Pure Powder (Buy on Amazon, $14.09), or enjoy shirataki noodles (also known as “miracle noodles”) which are great low-carb pasta replacement made from the same fiber (Buy on Amazon, $19.99).

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