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Sorry, But We Can’t Be Convinced to Eat These Totally Gross, Super Healthy Foods


We really do try to prioritize eating healthy food — but sometimes we hear about dishes that are supposedly good for you that are, honestly, just weird. At times, they even veer into totally creepy territory. And while we’re sure that they are actually packed with protein or fiber or whatever it is, there’s still just about no chance that you can convince us that we should actually be eating them. Sorry, we just can’t do it.

And we’re not just talking about kale, by the way. We can learn to love a good kale salad or quinoa-crust pizza if we haven’t already acquired the taste. But certain dishes are just beyond the palate. For instance, take the news about cockroach milk we heard just the other day. Apparently, it’s good for you. Like, really good for you.

“They have found this crystal inside this cockroach… They’ve found out it’s actually composed of protein, and also lipid – or fats – and lots of sugars,” Professor John Carver, the Director of Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University explained to SBS. “There’s the three components that are really important for nutrition, and so it’s a highly nutritious source of food for the growing cockroach.”

It sounds like an amazing scientific discovery. And we’re sure it really is good for you. But, uh, there’s just no way you’re going to convince us to drink milk from a cockroach. We don’t care if it’s sourced directly through a cockroach or reproduced through fancy, scientific advances that can produce it with no real cockroaches involved. Sorry, scientists, we’re going to have to pass on this superfood.

Cockroach milk isn’t the only gross healthy food where we draw the line, though. Check out the gallery below to see other seriously healthy foods that we just can’t be convinced to try.

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