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Fran Drescher’s Stress-Busting Secrets to Staying Calm When Life Gets Hectic

The iconic star of The Nanny, cancer survivor, and activist, Fran Drescher, 63, shares her secrets to staying healthy, calm and radiant — no matter how hectic life gets!

Sitting with her rescue dog, Angel Grace, Fran Drescher’s smile is contagious as she talks about all the irons she has in the fire and scratches her pup’s ears. With the upcoming The Nanny Broadway musical, her Cancer Schmancer talks, and foundation work, Fran admits that her days have been packed — and that’s just the way she likes it. But there was a time, while battling uterine cancer, that Fran wasn’t sure she’d be around to do all the things she’d hoped to do in life.

“I’m not glad I had cancer,” she admits. “But I decided to own it and transform my pain into purpose.” And she did it by asking one question: “Everything, even something painful, is an opportunity to ask, ‘What do I need to learn?’ When you do that, it opens up a world of gifts and so many incredible silver linings!” Here, Fran’s best tips for more peace, health, and endless joy.

Hunger-free fasting melts a menopot.

“I do intermittent fasting, so my last meal of the day is at 6 pm, and I don’t eat again until the morning,” Fran says. “But I don’t like to get to that point where I’m too hungry, so healthy snacks are key. Organic blueberries, nuts, or some organic sliced turkey really takes the edge off!”

A pre-bedtime sip cures cravings.

“If I find myself feeling hungry before bed, a trick I’ve learned is to have a cup of tea,” Fran shares. “I like green tea or rooibos, which is an excellent antioxidant and even delicious iced. One cup and I feel satisfied!”

An ‘awe’ walk relieves stress.

“I often worry about the wellness of my family,” Fran admits. “Living 3,000 miles from my parents, it’s stressful not being able to be there for them all the time. So when I feel the surge of stress start, I take an ‘awe’ walk. I get outside, take some deep breaths, start noticing the beauty of the world around me and I can feel myself recalibrating — it’s like the wide-eyed wonder of a child!” Fran also takes Gaia holy basil capsules for anxiety (Buy from iHerb, $24). “It brings worry down a few notches!” In fact, studies show holy basil reduces cortisol levels, slashing anxiety and sleep issues by up to 80 percent.

Bringing nature indoors heals and soothes.

“I’m kind of an Earth mother,” Fran says with a laugh. “To me, we live amongst nature, not in spite of it, and I always encourage the bees, birds, and insects to come into my home whenever they want. They’re so soothing to me! I also make sure to bring in green from living plants and fresh flowers and I don’t use toxins anywhere in my home. All of that creates an environment that’s very comforting, soothing, and healing for me.”

Sharing a laugh boosts joy. 

With a laugh that is as iconic as it is infectious, Fran has helped keep people smiling for decades — and considers laughter to be one of the most important things in life. “Laughter is a great source of joy in my life, but it’s really the simplest things that give me bliss,” Fran explains. “I like cooking and hosting people in my home who I love and care about. I love my dog, who’s been with me for a year, and I love my home. I think my job is to make people laugh, really. I feel very grateful that I have accomplished what I have and that people like it and to be able to give, and get, joy out of that!”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

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