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This $6-a-Month Supplement Reversed My Diabetes

It worked better than medication.


After trying medication and multiple diets to treat her type 2 diabetes, J.D. WildFlower still couldn’t seem to stabilize her blood sugar and lift her chronic tiredness. But then she stumbled upon a simple, inexpensive remedy that changed everything!

J.D. WildFlower sighed as she read the numbers on her glucose meter. High again, the type 2 diabetic marveled. And after everything I’ve tried too! For the 44-year-old Minneapolis resident, the year since she’d been diagnosed with diabetes had been a constant hunt to find an alternative to insulin therapy…but she had yet to discover anything that truly worked.

She’d tried prescription Metformin, but concerned about possible side effects from long-term use, her doctor had agreed to let her try natural alternatives instead. Throughout 2019, J.D. had tried the low-sugar keto diet, acupuncture and four liver cleanses to stabilize her blood sugar. But no matter what she tried, nothing had helped.

And now, even though she had switched to a pescatarianbased diet filled with plenty of complex carbohydrates, whole grains and fresh fruit to sustain her energy, she was still struggling to keep her blood sugar under control. She’d also gained weight, her leg would swell on a daily basis and brain fog and fatigue made it hard to concentrate.

“There has to be something else I can do…I don’t want to have to take medication for the rest of my life!” she lamented, pulling up the internet once more. Suddenly, an article caught her eye — and as J.D. read, she felt like maybe she had found the answer: magnesium.

A surprising cure

J.D. discovered that supplementing one’s diet with daily magnesium can bring down blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity and metabolic control in type 2 diabetics. “It’s worth a try!” she decided, resolving to pair her new regimen of daily magnesium with her diet full of non-sugar carbohydrates and fresh fruit.

J.D. began by taking about 4–5 grams of powdered effervescent magnesium (Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Supplement, $23 for a 4-month supply, Amazon) each morning in an 8-oz. glass of water. Suddenly, to J.D.’s surprise, her mood begin to shift.

I feel so much less stressed! she marveled. Of course, she had read about the stress-relieving properties of magnesium as well, but had been skeptical before actually experiencing it herself. Inspired, J.D. continued taking her magnesium every morning, and as the days passed, she realized that with each blood-sugar reading, her levels were stabilizing. “It’s amazing!” she gushed to friends. “Even the weight I’ve gained since my diagnosis is beginning to fall off, and I feel more focused and energetic.”

Today, seven months after she began taking magnesium each morning, J.D. says her brain fog has completely disappeared, she has lost more than 50 pounds and, best of all, her blood sugar has been so consistent for so long that she has reversed her diabetes — without medication!

J.D. feels so good that she’s even started helping others by sharing her experience in her online program, “The Quest for Holistic Success” ( “I feel healthy for the first time in years!” she says with a smile. “And it’s all thanks to my daily magnesium!”

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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