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You Can Make Money Helping Others Get Healthy

3 women share how they did it.

From making weighted blankets to filming cooking videos to teaching online fitness classes, these women found health-conscious ways to cash in. Below, learn their secrets so you can start earning too.

“I bring in 6 figures a year helping people sleep!”

“My grandson has autism, and when he was having trouble sleeping, his occupational therapist recommended a weighted blanket — it provides pressure that’s meant to help with sensory issues, insomnia, and more. At that time, I only found two companies that sold them, and their websites were hard to navigate and made it difficult to make a purchase. Instead, I found fabric at Walmart, a sewing pattern for the blanket and asked a close friend who teaches sewing classes at our church to help me make it. Unlike other companies, I added pillow stuffing to make the blanket more like a comforter — it really helped my grandson!

“That’s when I decided to make and sell my own blankets. I worked with my friend on the first few that I sold, but then handed off the sewing to her and a few others that I hired. In 2008, I launched SensaCalm. To make the blankets, I source material from Jobbers, a store that sells discounted, discontinued fabric, and buy the glass beads (they give the blanket weight) locally. We offer a variety of patterns and fabrics, custom options and sell travel weighted blankets, weighted wraps and toys for kids too.

“I market the business on social media, but I have a loyal fan base and get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals. I draw a six-figure salary, money that pays the bills and allows me to take trips! Plus, it lets me help others and it’s made my life after 40 the happiest years of my life.”

“I earn up to $9,400 a month posting cooking videos on YouTube!”

“I work full-time as a pharmacist, but I was looking for a flexible way to make money so I could spend more time with my family. My husband and I had started following the keto lifestyle initially to lose weight — I lost 60 pounds! — but it helped us feel better overall. I became savvy with cooking keto meals and developing recipes and wanted to share what I’d learned with others. I found someone who said she made money with her YouTube channel, and so two years ago, I launched my own channel, KetoFocus, on YouTube.

“I watched YouTube videos to learn how to create and grow a channel and took an online course to learn how to use video-editing software. I also purchased lighting and a microphone, which cost about $200 altogether.

“I create videos about topics like how to make keto pancakes and keto pizza. Most of my videos are recipe videos but I also have ‘listicle videos’ [which display a list in a slideshowesque format] like ‘10 Ways to Use Avocado on the Keto Diet’ and ‘10 Foods to Always Have on Hand for Keto.’ I post one video a week. I have 207,000 subscribers and add 15,000 new ones every month. I make money with ads that YouTube places on my videos, and while every month varies, I’ve made up to $9,400 in one month. The money goes back into the business to pay for new equipment and allows me to pay off my student loans.

“My channel is my creative outlet and I love when people email to tell me they love the recipes. It still amazes me that people actually watch me!”

“I make up to $6,000 a month teaching virtual fitness classes!”

“About 22 years ago, I opened a gym for people who wanted to get fit and learn how to box without fighting. Everyone thought I was crazy since I didn’t work out at all and knew nothing about fitness. At first, I just ran the gym, but I needed more help as we grew. Instead of hiring more people, my friend trained me and I became a boxing coach! The gym did so well, I opened other locations. But when the pandemic hit and we had to close them, our clients wanted to continue training with me, so I began offering live streaming classes on Zoom and prerecorded ones on demand at

“I was nervous because I had never even been on Zoom before. To start, I created a schedule for the boxing and strength-training classes, then purchased a camera, microphone, and a monitor so I could see my students. I spread the word through social media, paid ads on Facebook, and my email list. At first, I used Windows Movie Maker, free video-editing software, but I switched to CyberLink PowerDirector, which only costs $79. The great thing about teaching virtual classes is I don’t need a lot of space and can do it in my home. I charge $15 per live streaming class or $19.99 a month for the ones on demand. I make up to $6,000 a month — money that pays the bills and goes back into the business.

“I love that by teaching virtually, I get to train people from all over the world while inspiring them to stay active while they’re at home.”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine.

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