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Mom’s Pacifier Hack for Teething Babies Is a Must-Know

The teething stage is miserable — for the poor baby in pain, and for the exhausted mother who has tried everything under the sun to get her child to stop crying. While there’s a variety of products to keep the babies’ pain at bay, including teething toys and teething biscuits, these things aren’t always foolproof and they certainly don’t work for every baby. Sometimes, a backup option might be the best way to keep yourself from going insane.

Yet, we’re happy to announce, there is hope. Thanks to Emelia Jackson, a clever mom in Everett, Washington, we’ve found a simple new way to keep your baby calm and happy during the teething phase — and it’s the perfect thing to try when nothing else has worked.

“If your babies are teething, mamas, put water in your Soothie, and then put it in the freezer for a couple hours,” Jackson wrote in a now viral Facebook post.

Soothie 1

(Photo Credit: Emelia Jackson)

The pacifiers Jackson is referring to are the Phillips Avent “Soothie” brand ($3, Amazon), which are the exact pacifiers many hospitals give new moms just after their babies are born.

“If you can find these cheap, easy hacks, then why not?” Jackson told Scary Mommy. “Us mamas got to stick together, so I’m glad it’s helped a few people.”

While some mothers were worried about the baby getting ahold of the water once the ice thawed, Jackson assured that these binkies are completely harmless.

“Since there are so many people freaking out thinking my little man is drinking the water, I want to show you that there is no hole in this binky,” she wrote. “And absolutely no way for the baby to get the water.”

Sound like a brilliant solution? We’ve yet to figure out what to do with the dripping water as the ice thaws — and we recommend watching your baby closely while he or she has the ice-filled binky in his or her mouth — but for now, we’re just happy there’s another cheap and proven way to successfully soothe a crying baby’s aching gums.

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