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Resist Your Temptations By Locking Them Up in This Box

Picture this: You’re trying to get some work done, but you can’t stop scrolling Instagram on your iPhone. Maybe you’ve committed to a new diet regimen, but your husband just baked some chocolate chip cookies that are practically calling your name. Or perhaps it’s your goal to quit smoking, but you have an emergency cigarette pack stashed in the hamper, and after a stressful day at the office you really can’t resist one. If only you could lock your temptations up in a box!

Turns out, you can put your vices in a time-lock container. The Kitchen Safe is a simple and affordable fix for anyone who lacks willpower and needs their temptations to be put — both literally and metaphorically — out of reach. With this commitment device in hand, you’ll be unstoppable.

What is it?

The Kitchen Safe — kSafe for short — is the world’s first time-lock container, designed to help people avoid their vices. All you have to do is place the item you’re trying to separate yourself from in the container (it comes in three sizes), close the lid, and set the timer. Once the timer is set and the button is pressed, you’re locked out. 

There are no built-in overrides, so whatever you put in the container is staying there. The kSafe can be timed to lock for as short as one minute or as long as 10 days. You only have to muster 10 seconds of willpower to relinquish an item to the box and set the clock — by the time your willpower fades, it’ll be too late! The item is safe from your weak-willed hands.

Who invented it?

The kSafe was developed based on research by scientists at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. These researchers discovered that pre-commitment — which means committing to a smart choice now, when you know you’ll be tempted by a bad choice later — can significantly increase a person’s chances of achieving their goals. In other words, we all have the best intentions, but sometimes our baser instincts may get in the way.  This device prevents that from happening.

The Kitchen Safe’s CEO David Krippendorf founded the company after putting on some extra pounds from snacking on junk food. He asked his wife to hide their snacks, but when his cravings were strong enough he’d inevitably go hunting for them. He realized that a container with a timed locking mechanism would put a stop to this cycle, allowing him to snack only when his pre-commitment had planned for it. 

What should you use it for?

You can use the kSafe to lock up your cell phone, cigarettes, alcohol (small to medium-sized bottles will fit in the largest container), cash, or credit cards. You can even use it as a parenting or time-out tool — place your kids’ electronic devices in the box as a disciplinary measure, or to force them to do their homework sans distractions. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you don’t lock anything in there you might need in an emergency! 

(Buy from Amazon, $69.90)

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