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#TGIF: 5 Feel-Good Stories To Make You Smile All Weekend Long


After a long and hectic week, we all deserve some lighthearted content that helps us relax and unwind. Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through your feed or timeline to find moments that will make your heart melt. We’ve complied a list of five inspiring stories in the first-edition of our weekly “Feel Good Friday Roundup” series.

From a WWII veteran becoming a children’s book author to one woman’s positive experience with aging, these stories are sure to help you start your weekend with a smile!

1. The Adorable Way This Woman Found Out She’ll Be a Grandma

Our furry friends are irreplaceable. And one New Jersey woman recently found out that she’ll be a grandmother to more than just her beloved pup.

Shared on the Today Shows Instagram page, you can see a clip of her unwrapping a candle (from her daughter) that reads, “You’ve been promoted from ‘dog grandma’ to ‘human grandma.'”

At first, the woman is appreciative of the gift but doesn’t understand the message. The news doesn’t hit her until her daughter shows her an ultrasound photo! Overcome with joy, the pair share a loving and emotional embrace.

See this heartwarming pregnancy announcement unfold below:

2. WWII Veteran Fulfills His Dream of Becoming a Children’s Book Author

It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams, and Sam Baker is a testament to that.

The 99-year-old retired Arizona native took up writing four years ago following his army career, which included serving in the Marine Corps for four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942 until 1947.

After serving in the military, Baker worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for 30 years before deciding to retire.

Baker always had a knack for telling funny and interesting stories — especially to his kids when they were younger. But, it wasn’t until his son convinced him to write a children’s book that he finally did so in 2018. The title of his first piece? The Silly Adventures of Petunia and Herman the Worm. The book centers around several stories that Baker would tell his children about a worm named Herman.

In addition, Baker has gone on to publish a second book titled Oscar the Mouse (2020), which is inspired by his beloved childhood pet rat.

As a children’s book author, Baker told Fox News Digital that he’s not looking to profit from these releases. “If I could just get one child to learn to read, that would be worth all the problems and the costs,” he said. We couldn’t agree more!

Learn more about Baker’s experiences writing children’s books in his interview with The List below.

3. This Man Uses His Lunch Break to Capture Nature’s Beautiful Views

We can all agree that enjoying beautiful nature views is the highlight of the spring season. So, how can you make that enjoyment last? Take a page out of photographer Dave Newman’s book and start capturing the amazing scenery!

The England-based amateur photographer told Good News Network that he works a full-time office job in the construction industry. But, he uses his lunch break to visit the local river and snap photos of creatures like deer, birds, ducklings, and foxes.

“I only get 30 to 35 mins, so [I] need to make the most of it,” he said. “If the weather plays ball, I try to get out.”

Newman, 42, began his journey of documenting nature about four years ago. He now shares his wildlife photography on his Instagram (@daves_spherical_photography).

4. A Family Project Turns Into An Online Art Community

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for many, including Indiana-based mom Angie Carel.

“Everyone was just sad and a mess,” she said in an interview with CBS News. “So, I had this idea this one morning and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to make [my kids] draw.’ Because that’s our happy place.”

What started as a simple, timed task — the kids had to draw a smiling turtle by 7 p.m. that evening — quickly became a go-to fun activity in Carel’s household.

Carel found that this task boosted her kids’ mental health. Plus, it brought joy to her Facebook friends since she would post the drawings for many to see.

Sharing her children’s drawings online led Carel to create a Facebook group called Simple Daily Drawing. She gives this group of over 8,000 members daily drawing prompts to complete and share within the community. (Some of the group’s drawing prompts have included a roaming ostrich and the Disney character Pinnochio!)

See the full interview below to hear Carel talk about this online art community and the positive benefits it has had for various members.

5. A Lighthearted Story on the Perks of Getting Older

Elisa Berrini Gómez, a radical self-acceptance activist (in her own words), shared a lighthearted story with her TikTok audience on why she embraces getting older.

Gómez, 56, acknowledged that the aging process can be a little scary in terms of looking older, becoming “invisible” to others, and developing aches and pains.

“It’s all stuff that’s part of being older,” she said. “It’s practically the price we have to pay in order to have that privilege.”

Gómez went on to reflect on the scrutiny she has faced as a tall, slender woman when she was younger. However, she’s fully enjoying being “invisible” now that she’s older, because she can enjoy her gym sessions without any interruptions.

“In fact, I go up to this young man [in the gym] and say, ‘Are you finished with this?’ And they’re like ‘Yes ma’am! Yes ma’am!’ Then they leave,” she laughed.

Watch her full story time in the video below:

We hope you enjoyed this first-edition of the Feel Good Friday Roundup!

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