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Your Horoscope: What’s in Store for You May 1 to May 7, 2022?


Need a helping hand for navigating life’s ups and downs? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Horoscopes act as a useful guide for many people when predicting life events (big or small). Plus, it’s always good to know what to look out for in the week ahead. Keep reading to learn what’s happening for your zodiac sign this week with your Woman’s World horoscope for May 1 to May 7.

TAURUS Apr. 20–May 20

From the 2nd on, you’ll feel like taking a step back from the daily grind to recharge. Prioritizing self care benefits your mind and body. On the 5th, you could have an exciting creative breakthrough. Trust your gut!

Your lucky days: May 1, 2, 5

Your lucky numbers: 1, 4, 12

LEO July 23–Aug. 22

Pair up with friends to broaden your horizons come the 4th. Sign up for a learning experience or plan a vacation together. On the 7th, pitch that passion project you’ve been musing about. It will earn you a round of applause !

Your lucky days: May 2, 5, 7

Your lucky numbers: 9, 10, 18

SCORPIO Oct. 23–Nov. 21

You can effortlessly make your everyday routine more social on the 3rd. Think: cooking with a loved one or doing a mind-body practice. Come the 5th, sharing how you feel brings you closer to the ones you adore. Enjoy!

Your lucky days: May 1, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 6, 7, 15

AQUARIUS Jan. 20–Feb. 18

Your appetite for learning soars from the 2nd on. Check titles off your reading list and strike up conversations with friends. On the 6th, you’ll be drawn to fun-loving activities. It’s time to explore a new creative hobby.

Your lucky days: May 3, 4, 6

Your lucky numbers: 3, 5, 14

GEMINI May 21–June 20

You’ll find spending time with friends and neighbors comes organically on the 3rd. These moments boost bonds! On the 6th, dive in to an artistic project. Talking it through with others helps you clarify your vision.

Your lucky days: May 2, 4, 6

Your lucky numbers: 3, 6, 11

VIRGO Aug. 23–Sept. 22

On the 1st, you’ll want to get under the surface of an emotional issue with a loved one. A heart-toheart can boost understanding. On the 6th, a burst of conf idence helps you share a big-picture idea with others. Go for it!

Your lucky days: May 1, 2, 6

Your lucky numbers: 8, 10, 17

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22–Dec. 21

On the 1st, focus on pleasurable activities. Fun with loved ones can feel especially heartwarming and memorable. On the 7th, diving into a project alongside a dear friend could prove productive and bolster your connection.

Your lucky days: May 2, 6, 7

Your lucky numbers: 5, 7, 14

PISCES Feb. 19–Mar. 20

Trade notes on money matters with friends around the 3rd. These conversations could open your eyes to a promising game plan. And on the 4th, enjoy an impromptu social gathering. Let your intuition lead the way

Your lucky days: May 4, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 2, 4, 5

CANCER June 21–July 22

It’ll be easy to step into the spotlight around the 2nd. Dive in: People you admire will applaud you! Then, brainstorm with co-workers on the 5th. You’ll feel conf ident taking a new approach to an ongoing project.

Your lucky days: May 2, 5, 6

Your lucky numbers: 2, 10, 11

LIBRA Sept. 23–Oct. 22

From the 2nd on, you’ll be eager to connect with others even more than usual. You’re sure to nurture your bonds. Then, articulate your most creative thoughts to co-workers on the 4th. It’ll shore up your conf idence.

Your lucky days: May 3, 4, 5

Your lucky numbers: 7, 11, 16

CAPRICORN Dec. 22–Jan. 19

Have a heartfelt conversation with someone you love on the 4th. Being vulnerable is sure to pay off. From the 5th on, downtime with loved ones, whether you’re cooking or gardening together, brings treasured memories.

Your lucky days: May 2, 4, 5

Your lucky numbers: 3, 4, 8

ARIES Mar. 21–Apr. 19

From the 1st on, creative pursuits are sure to be top of mind. Now is the time to soak up the moment. And on the 5th, you may have a wowworthy epiphany related to your cash flow. Dive in to a fun new money-making plan.

Your lucky days: May 1, 3, 4 

Your lucky numbers: 2, 6, 15

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