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Here’s How to See Who Deleted You On Facebook

Ever wondered to yourself, “Who unfriended me on Facebook?” If so, you’re certainly not alone. In a digital age, it’s hard not to be taken aback when something changes on one of your social media pages. And it’s undeniably even more unsettling when it involves your Facebook friends list.

Now, there are certain situations where you might be fairly sure when a specific person might have unfriended you. After all, if you have a fallout with a person in real life, it’s not uncommon for that to translate to the internet as well. But there are other times when your number of friends is suddenly lower and it’s totally out of the blue. It’s natural to wonder — but thanks to an app available on the iPhone and Android, you can wonder no more. Here’s how to do it.

First, search “who deleted me” on the App Store. Our curiosity is piqued already!

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Find the free app “Still Friends – Who Deleted Me on Facebook” and download it.

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Once the app is downloaded, you can click on it and immediately connect to Facebook. It almost seems too easy now… We’re getting nervous!

deleted 3

The moment of truth: Log in to your Facebook account in order to see who has left the Facebook building.

deleted 4

As soon as you’re connected, you have the option of being alerted automatically if someone unfriends you.

deleted 5

Personally, we couldn’t bear to click on this one, since it seemed way too painful. However, it’s a great option if you think something specific you did on the website caused someone to unfriend you; perhaps a recent post or photo that set someone off.

Phew! No lost friends. BUT there is a catch.

deleted 6

The app only shows your “lost friends” since the point in time that you downloaded the app. So don’t expect to see a list of everyone that has ever unfriended you in the past. (But maybe this is for the best?)

Do we dare click on “1 lost friend” to see who it is?

deleted 7

Oh no, we lost one!

deleted redo

Ah, regards, Melanie. We’ll miss you!

If you prefer to use a computer to find out who unfriended you, rather than a phone, you can head to the website Who Deleted Me and install as an extension for Chrome or Firefox.

But now, the real question: Do you really wanna know?

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