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This $3 Household Spray Will Make Any Set-In Carpet Stain Disappear Like Magic


Do you have a carpet stain in your house that you’ve tried to clean again and again, but it just won’t budge? It can feel like the unsightly splotch is laughing at you every time you scrub it and it remains stubbornly attached to the fibers not matter what cleaner you use. It turns out, you should be reaching for a different type of product to get the job done: a trusty can of WD-40.

We usually think of the classic spray when we have a squeaky hinge, but it’s surprisingly helpful for getting rid of carpet stains, too. There’s a clue in the name that most of us overlook: “WD” stands for “water displacement.” In the case of a carpet stain, that displacement works on pretty much any liquid that’s set into it. Rather than leaving a new stain of its own, the oil in WD-40 lifts the debris and makes it easier to wipe away.

The UK website for WD-40 even lists instructions on how to use the product on carpets. They say to spray a little on the stain, “only a small amount will do.” Then, let the product “work its magic” and wait a few seconds for it to absorb into the fibers. Once it seems soaked up, grab a wet sponge and rub the product into the stain for about 30 seconds. You’ll probably notice the stain starting to lift as you go. After that, you can dry it all off with a towel and the stain will have disappeared. They recommend following up with carpet cleaner to freshen it up a bit more (and get rid of the lingering smell of WD-40).

Still skeptical? So was the woman in the video below before she followed similar instructions on a year-old stain on the carpet in her kid’s room. Take a look at how well it worked for her:

We just love getting more use out of a budget-friendly product (Buy at Walmart, $2.97), especially considering most of us keep it in the house regardless.

Carpet stains and squeaky doors aren’t all you can use it for, either: check out our sister site’s list of genius ways to use WD-40 around the house. And if you’re looking for even more stain fighting tips, see our guide on how to deep clean carpet without a machine!

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