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10 Brilliant Uses for Pool Noodles Outside of the Water


There are so many uses for pool noodles that go way beyond splashing around in the water. Take a look to see how these budget-friendly finds ($12.99, Amazon) can help in the kitchen, garden, and more!

1. Guarantee perfect cake pops.

Cake pops are one of your favorite treats to make, but laying them on a sheet of wax paper to dry can make one side of them flat.

A better way: Cut a pool noodle to the desired size and use duct tape to attach ends together to make a circle. Then poke the sticks of the cake pops into the foam. This will keep them upright while drying, ensuring perfectly round treats.

2. Ding-proof a car door fast.

If you worry about dents whenever you open your car door while in the garage, enlist the help of a pool noodle.

To do: Cut it in half lengthwise, then screw or super-glue one half of the noodle to the wall, where the front and rear doors would hit. The soft wall guard will protect the car door and its paint job!

3. Sidestep ‘techno’ pain.

No need to splurge on a pricey ergonomic wrist rest to keep your hands comfortable when typing. Instead, simply cut a pool noodle the length of your keyboard, then cut in half lengthwise. Place on your desk in front of the keyboard. The pool noodle’s cushiony material will elevate your arms and provide gentle support so you can type away with ease.

4. Make mowing the lawn a breeze.

Whenever you spend the afternoon pushing the mower around your yard, your hands end up feeling sore the rest of the day.

The easy fix: Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise, then trim to fit the length of the mower’s push bar. Wrap it around the bar and use duct tape to secure. This will provide a soft cushion to make yard duty much more comfortable.

5. Stop pet toys from getting lost.

Argh! Tiger’s toys are always disappearing under the sofa, and she has a hard time getting them out.

The save: Cut a pool noodle to the length of your sofa (use two if needed) and slide it under the sofa so it’s just out of sight. Any toys that start to slide under the furniture will just bounce right off the noodle.

6. Safeguard knives for outdoor dining.

You love enjoying lunch outside in the summer, but carrying sharp knives out to the table or blanket can be a hazard.

The solution: Cut a pool noodle until it’s the just slightly longer than the knife’s blade, then slip it over the blade. The foam will conceal the sharp edge.

7. Prevent mops and brooms from falling.

No matter what you do, your cleaning tools are always falling onto the floor and making a loud bang.

What can help: Slice a section of a pool noodle and cut multiple hourglass shapes out of one side of the foam. Then place adhesive tape on the opposite side and secure it to the wall. The broom and mop handles will fit snuggly into the foam holder, keeping them upright.

8. Line-dry clothes sans creases.

You prefer to hang your clothes out to dry when it’s warm outside, but the clothespins tend to leave annoying bumps on your garments.

A better way: Cut a slit along the side of a pool noodle, then slide it over the clothesline. This will allow you to drape your clothes over it, warding off any harsh clothespin indentations.

9. Ensure a flashlight stays steady.

Having to use a flashlight while working on a home-improvement project can be tough if the beam keeps rolling away.

To prevent this, create a makeshift holder with a pool noodle. To do: Carefully cut it into a 5″- to 6″-long section. Slip the flashlight’s handle inside the noodle and cut a wedge out of the foam on one side if needed to fit the tool inside.

After you turn the flashlight on, wedge the whole thing into a crevice or corner near your project.

10. Cut down on potting soil.

The next time you have a plant to pot, line the bottom of the container with a layer of chopped-up pool-noodle pieces before adding soil and the plant.

The noodle pieces allow for drainage and help fill up some of the space so you can use less dirt. Plus, since the foam is so light, it will make the pot easier to lift and move.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, First for Women.

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