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21 Storage Solutions for Your Entire Home


There are two types of people: those who put things where they belong, and those who leave things all over the place (much to the annoyance of the first). For the neat freaks, coming home to a clutter-free environment is one of life’s greatest and most attainable pleasures — assuming you’re not sharing your home with those who are, let’s say, more random in their storage habits.

On the subject of the home, Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo says that to achieve order with minimal effort, we must first create “homes” for our possessions. So we went “home-hunting” and found the most efficient storage solutions to streamline your living and work areas. Follow our suggestions and show clutter the door.

1. Kitchen Containers

Keep things looking neat in your kitchen or pantry by decanting your staples. Remove food from its packaging and store it in glass jars that reveal their contents in their many colors and textures. Line the jars up for a stylish and easily identifiable row of cooking ingredients.

2. Open Shelving

Combos of cupboards and shelves offer visual variety. Display your treasures on the shelves and shut the rest away behind closed doors. But beware: shelves gather dust. Take the joinery up to the ceiling for a clean, crisp look.


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3. Stylish Shelving

Open shelving can be an artwork in itself. Style books sideways in stacks. With just the pages on show, you will avoid the clash of colored book covers.

4. Wall Cabinets

Attach your cabinets to the wall in order to leave your floor clear — this makes a small space seem larger and cleaning a little easier.

5. Custom Cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall custom cabinetry transforms a blank wall, creating a 3D effect and lending instant character to a room. And it has all the benefits of being a tailor-made solution, geared to your specific needs. Bear in mind that, as with any made-to-measure solution, it doesn’t come cheap.


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6. Pre-Made Shelves

Can’t afford the made-to-measure option? Flat-pack and modular storage solutions can come to your aid, such as those from IKEA.

7. Store by category.

One of storage queen Marie Kondo’s sweeping rules is to store by category, especially when you have walls of storage. This way, you know exactly where to find things in an instant. You can also classify according to color to create a rainbow of hues.

8. Island Bench Storage

If you have room in your kitchen, include an island. Not only will you have extra prep space, but you’ll also gain extra storage if you outfit yours with deep drawers for pots and pans or open shelves for a barely-there look. Place it on castors for even more versatility.


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9. Use pegboards.

Pegboards are ideal for storing kitchen paraphernalia, tools, and kids’ toys. The beauty is you can shift the pins around according to how you want to use it. One handy tip is to place bits of dowel in a pegboard base to create dividers for dishes in a kitchen drawer.

10. Make the most of shelf space.

Hanging shelves can take up space you might use for artwork — so think outside the square. Lean artworks on open shelves to provide visual variety; they look less formal than when hanging on the wall. If you can, direct a spotlight onto your favorite items.

11. Create interest.

Be inventive with your storage. Old tins, hat boxes, or baskets from good homewares stores make surprisingly great storage.

12. Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

Reach for the ceiling with your storage solutions to make use of your entire wall. Store the least-used items on the less-accessible top levels and the everyday pieces at eye level. You could include a ladder to give you access to the high shelves, which will also become a graphic decorative feature in itself.

13. Organized Workspace

An orderly desk is serious business if you want to be productive at work. Keep loose papers in magazine holders or even in stacked boxes. You can buy two inexpensive drawer units and have a piece of timber cut to place on top (a drawer unit on either end). This will give you extra storage, and you can create a custom look.

A pinboard is also essential not only for inspiration, but to avoid loose papers and receipts piling up on your desk. Think creatively, clear the clutter, and you’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be.


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14. Utilize dead space.

Sniff out new storage opportunities, such as that tricky unused space under the stairs. If there’s room, fill the space with a cabinet (with or without doors), or even shelves to house wicker baskets. A hallway may be wide enough for shelves or a storage bench.

15. Roll and stack towels.

In small bathrooms with minimal cabinetry, keep your clean towels rolled and stacked to create more surface space. Otherwise, you can keep them rolled up in a basket if you don’t have shelf space.

16. Wall Hooks

Attach hooks to a wall in hallways, dressing rooms, or bedrooms for hats, scarves, jewelery, wall-hangings, or collectibles, and group them for effect. This not only looks impressive, but it also creates a place to store items that are usually tricky to find a spot for.

17. Buy furniture with storage.

Make your furniture work double duty, especially if you live in a small home where every inch of space counts. Put your feet up on an ottoman while spare blankets rest inside during their summer hibernation, or include storage under a built-in banquette. Same goes for coffee tables — think drawers underneath or a lift-up top, which are great for board games.

18. Under-Bed Storage

Storage bliss is a bed with deep drawers underneath — so much extra space that doesn’t take up any more room at all. Sleep on that!

19. Magazine Storage

Stack your magazines in shelving or on the floor. Better still, revive that mid-century marvel, the magazine rack, for real retro cool. Search eBay for pre-loved or fresh takes on a classic.

20. Storage Boxes

Boxes are like wands to a magician: they make things miraculously disappear. Buy them pre-made, or cover old shoe boxes with your favorite wallpaper — then stack, stack and stack!

21. Clothes Rack

If a built-in wardrobe is not an option, buy a timber Scandinavian-style clothes rack with a lower level for footwear. Sort through clothing and only keep garments worn in the last year. Hang clothes on matching timber hangers for a coordinated look.

This post was written by Lisa Marie Corso and Chris Pearson. For more, check out our sister site, Homes to Love.

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