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Put This Cosmetic Staple on Your Bathroom Mirror to Keep It From Fogging Up


Does your bathroom mirror always fog up? Maybe it’s because of the lack of ventilation or just the placement of your shower, but wiping your damp mirror can often lead to smudging that you have to clean later. But did you know there’s an easy way to clear up the fog without causing that streakiness in the process? It’s time to put shaving cream on your mirror.

This trick might sound a little strange (after all, shaving cream is supposed to go on your body!), but there’s actually a scientific reasoning behind why it works. Because shaving cream is what’s called a surfactant, it keeps liquid condensation from forming on whatever exterior it’s on. This is why shaving cream doesn’t immediately turn to liquid when you rub it on your wet legs on the shower. This same principle is key for keeping water condensation from taking shape on your mirror.

I decided to give this trick a shot since my apartment’s bathroom has poor ventilation (including no working fan!) and our mirror streaks easily when we try to wipe any condensation out of the way. I put a thin layer of shaving cream over it (maybe only one-third of an inch in thickness) for a minute or two before wiping it off with a towel. (Some people just buff it into the glass and wipe it off immediately!) TK I then took a look at how it held up over the next several days.

Home writer Elizabeth Yuko noted that this type of trick could work anywhere from days to weeks depending on your ventilation situation. In my case, the fogginess was gone for roughly four to five days before it needed a reapplication, and since I have an abundance of shaving cream at my disposal, I decided to try it again and had similar results. Huh, who would’ve thought?

While using shaving cream on your mirror may not be the ultimate solution for everybody, I’m glad I’m not creating a streaky mess every time I hop out of the shower. Instead, I have a clean mirror to use!

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