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9 Hair Dryer Hacks You Can Use All Around the House

Getting more than one use from an item you already have in your home is always nice. Simple tricks like using cooking oil spray to clean your shower and keep grime from settling back into it for longer (meaning more time in between cleaning) aren’t always easy to think of on your own, though. That’s especially true when you’re already irritated by a particular issue fogging up your brain with frustration. 

That’s why we decided to compile this handy list of ways to get more out of one of the most common household items: your hair dryer. The same tool you use to style your hair can be used all around the house to help save you time, energy, and agitation. You may already use it for things like drying your nail polish faster, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this helpful device. Take a look to see all of hair dryer hacks you can use to make your life less stressful!

  1. Un-Stick Stickers: The heat from the dryer will loosen up labels and stickers from products. For instance, if you have a bottle or jar you’d like to reuse, you can remove its label with the heat. 
  2. Remove Waxy Buildup: The heat can also solve those situations where a candle leaks outside of its container and drips onto your furniture. Warming it up with the hair dryer for a few seconds will make the wax melt enough to wipe it away. This will keep you from ruining items by scraping at them instead.
  3. Blow Away Dust: On the cool setting, a hair dryer can act like a mini-leaf blower and clean up all the nooks and crannies in your home. Hint: It’s especially useful with computer keyboards!
  4. Painlessly Remove Bandages: Although adhesive bandages are meant to protect our skin while we heal from scrapes, taking they can cause a whole new injury when they rip out hairs or irritate your skin while taking them off. Gently warming them up with a hair dryer can make the process pain-free.
  5. De-Wrinkle Clothes: If you don’t have time to fully iron your outfit, you can sprinkle particularly wrinkly sections with water and heat them up with the hair dryer to smooth things out.
  6. Thaw Frozen Food: Forget to leave your frozen food out to thaw overnight? You could run it under hot water, but that can take a long time, too. Before calling it a loss and ordering pizza, try using your hair dryer to defrost the food.
  7. Remove Stains from Wood Furniture: Whether you spilled red wine or sat a hot dish down on the wood furniture and created a white ring, the heat from a hair dryer can restore the wood back to its original sheen.
  8. Get Rid of Crayon on Walls: Just like with the candles and stains on wood furniture, you can use the hair dryer to heat the wax of crayons that little ones decided to decorate your wall with and then wipe their artwork away easily.
  9. Break in Tight Shoes: When you need to loosen up a new pair of tight boots or flats, start by putting on a thick pair of socks before slipping them over your feet. Then use the hair dryer to heat the snug areas, which will help to stretch them out.

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