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This Simple Hack Will Make Sure Your Dishes Come Out of the Dishwasher Completely Dry Every Time


Dishwashers are truly a time-saving appliance, but sometimes they can be finicky to work with. One of the most common issues that people deal with is that their dishes aren’t fully dry even after a full rinse, wash, and dry cycle. While it doesn’t completely defeat the purpose of the machine, it’s still a time suck to have to hand-dry everything yourself after the appliance was supposedly going to do it for you. Luckily, a wildly easy hack could actually ensure that your dishes are dry every time they leave your dishwasher.

This tip comes from Babs of Brunch with Babs on TikTok. The next time your dishwasher finishes a cleaning cycle and your dishes are still soaked, open the appliance door, fold a hand towel over the door so that half of it sticks out, and then close it for five minutes. When you open it, Babs says you’ll have bone-dry dishes that you won’t have to leave in a rack or hand-dry yourself afterward. Sticking that towel in the machine apparently helps absorb excess steam and moisture that’s floating around after a wash.

I have an older refurbished dishwasher model at home, so its heated drying feature isn’t always the most effective at this point. Obviously, I wanted to see if Babs’ trick could work, because I hate taking out all of my dishes after they’re supposedly clean and dry and then having to wipe them myself. I followed her instructions to a T and placed a terry cloth towel in the door. Admittedly, a few of my dishes were still a little wet after Babs’ prescribed five-minute wait time, but I left the towel in for a little longer, and everything was completely dry after 15 minutes.

Not too shabby — and I’ll definitely use this trick going forward!

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