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This 2-Ingredient Cleaning Solution Will Make Your Shower Tiles Shine Like New

Remove soap scum and grime easily with these kitchen staples.


When it comes to keeping your house fresh, nothing says clean like a sparkling bathroom. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to achieve. Soap scum and dirt easily gets stuck on surfaces like your shower doors and tiles. Thankfully, you can remove them with a cleaning solution made with dish soap and vinegar.

Dish Soap and Vinegar for Cleaning a Bathroom

Soap scum is basically the reside from soap, dirt, and hard water minerals that build up and stick to your shower doors and tiles. Depending on how often you scrub these areas, the buildup can become hard and difficult to remove, leaving a cloudy white film over those surfaces. While there are plenty of cleaning products and solutions out there to buy, many are made with harsh chemicals and, quite frankly, still don’t get the job done.

On the other hand, dishwashing liquid and white vinegar make the perfect combination for tackling soap scum. Dish detergent is especially formulated to break down grease and dirt. Just as well, there are so many uses for white vinegar when it comes to cleaning. It’s a known antibacterial, and it contains acetic acid which helps to dissolve mineral deposits and grime, leaving you with shiny doors and tiles.

To make this super simple cleaning concoction, just heat one cup of white vinegar in the microwave or in a pot and pour it into a heavy-duty spray bottle. (The heat will help the vinegar and soap mix together better.) Add a half cup of dish soap like Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid (Buy on Amazon, $14.22 for three bottles) to the bottle while the vinegar is still warm. Swirl the mixture to combine, then spray onto your shower doors and tiles. Allow it to sit for two to five minutes, and you should be able to easily wipe away all that yucky residue!

All you need to make your shower doors and tiles shine is already in your kitchen cabinet. We hope this little hack saves you time and money, but most importantly, that it helps you achieve the sparkly clean bathroom of your dreams.

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