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What Side of Aluminum Foil Is Better to Use?


If you use aluminum foil for cooking and storing food a lot, chances are you’re in the habit of using the same side of the foil every time to wrap up the goods. But have you ever thought about why one side of aluminum foil is shiny, while the other side is dull, dull, dull?

It’s one of those life questions that once you start thinking about it, you just have to know the answer. Mostly because, let’s face it, you know you’ve worried you’re using the wrong side. Luckily, we have the answer of you for both those questions, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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The two different sides of aluminum foil are simply the results of the manufacturing process. In order to make the foil, the creators melt aluminum, and then cool it into slabs. These slabs are then pressed between rollers again and again to ensure they’re as thin as the ones you see in your roll at home.

But then, the foil gets so thin that they have to double it up to press it through the final rollers. Then, they separate it, which is what we see in our tubes that we purchase at the store. The pieces that come out show smoothness on the sides that are pressed by the rollers, and more matte on the sides the press against one another.

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Which brings us to the answer you came here for: the aluminum foil sheet is made of the same material throughout, so the texture of the side doesn’t change how the material actually works. In short: It doesn’t matter what side of aluminum foil you use. The only exception is a product like non-stick foil, and the company should inform you of a specific coating on one side right on the package.

Phew. Happy rolling and wrapping!


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