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13 Startlingly Brilliant Uses for Pool Noodles

These things are crazy useful — here's how to get the most out of your old noodles

When pool noodles, those colorful 4- to 6-foot long styrofoam water toys, first came on the market, we only saw them at the town pool or lake. Kids used them to float, splash and play in the water. And while they are great for that, over the years, we’ve discovered so many additional uses for these dollar-store miracles. They can help with laundry, gardening, baking and so much more! Keep scrolling to find out how pool noodles can make your life easier!

They prevent creases in line-dried clothing

This time of year, you prefer hanging your clothes outside to dry — if only the clothespins you use didn’t leave awkward-looking creases or indentations in your garments. The easy solution: Cut a slit along the side of a pool noodle, slide it over the clothesline and drape your clothes over the noodle. This will allow your clothes to hang-dry outside — smoothly!

Pool noodles protect walls from dog-crate scuffs

You have to crate your pup whenever strangers come into the house, but he moves around, causing the crate to bump up against the wall. To avoid leaving behind a scuff, try this: Cut the length of a pool noodle to fit over the part of the crate that rests closest to the wall. Then slice it lengthwise and place over the crate’s sharp edges. The soft bumper will prevent the crate from touching the wall.

They keep cleaning tools upright

A mop organizer can keep your broom and mops from sliding down to the floor — and you don’t need to buy a pricey gadget when you can make your own with a pool noodle! To do: Slice a section of the noodle and cut multiple hourglass shapes in a row out of one side of the foam. Then place adhesive tape on the opposite side and secure the noodle to the wall. The cleaning tools’ handles will fit snuggly in the open cuts to stay upright.

Pool noodles work as a wreath form

Wreaths are a great way to transform your door, but it can be pricey to buy a fresh one each season. A better way: Create a wreath form by cutting an old pool noodle to desired size, then attach the ends with duct tape to make a circle. Cover with ribbon and other fun season-specific elements. It’s easy and inexpensive, and you can create new ones for different occasions! For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this video from Soozie’s Stuff — so easy!

They are perfect for safely storing a rake

After raking up those pesky leaves, instead of leaning your rake against the wall of your shed or garage, where it can fall, potentially causing injury, reach for a pool noodle to make a protective ‘case’ for the sharp tines. To do: simply cut down the center of the noodle with scissors, then place it over the tines of the rake, then store.

Pool noodles can outsmart drafts

On chilly days, the last thing you want to deal with is cold air seeping in under your front door. To block the airflow, make your own draft stopper. Simply cut a pool noodle to the width of your door, then slice down the center and place the noodle under the door where you feel cold air coming in. Genius!

They work as a makeshift dog cone

The salt and sand Fido steps in on his daily walks irritate his paws, and even though you wipe them down, you notice him licking and chewing his tender pads. No need to spring for a pricey Elizabethan collar at the pet store to keep him from licking them raw. Just create your own! To do: Cut a pool noodle into 1″ to 5″ sections (depending on the size of your dog’s neck) and thread the pieces onto his collar. Then snap the collar around his neck, ensuring you can slide two fingers between his neck and the collar. Problem solved!

Pool noodles prevent techno pain

When time at the computer leads to wrist pain, pool noodles to the rescue! Instead of buying a pricey wrist rest, cut a pool noodle to the width of your laptop or keyboard, then cut it in half vertically and place, cut side down, on your work surface for instant pain relief — for pennies!

They keep your silverware drawer organized

The organizers in your kitchen drawers keep silverware tidy, but they tend to move around every time you open or close a drawer. What can help: Measure the distance from the back of the organizer to the back of the drawer. Then cut a pool noodle to size so it fits snugly in the empty space. The organizer will stay put. Problem solved!

Pool noodles make it easy to fill a large bucket

You need to fill up a utility bucket, but it’s too big to fit under the faucet in your sink. To the rescue: a pool noodle! Simply set the bucket on the floor, slip the noodle over the faucet and run it down to the bucket. The noodle acts like a hose, funneling the water to flow right through it and into the bucket.

They help you create perfect cake pops

Rather than laying cake pops down to dry (which can leave one side flat), cut a pool noodle to desired size and use duct tape to secure the ends together to make a circle. Then poke the cake pop sticks into the foam so they stand up, ensuring they stay round. (Click here for a delicious recipe for a cheesecake cake pop!)

Poll noodles lighten heavy planters

Potted plants are a must for your patio, but it can be frustrating when you need to move the plant and the pot is too heavy. What can help: When you have a plant to pot, line the bottom of the container with a layer of chopped-up pool-noodle pieces before adding soil and the plant. The lightweight noodle pieces—which still allow for drainage—will help fill some of the space so you can use less dirt. Looking to decorate your home with potted pants? Here are three easy-care potted plants to consider!

They make it easy to carry knives safely

Nothing beats a lunch outside during nice weather, but carrying sharp knives out to the table or blanket can be a hazard. To prevent accidents, cut a pool noodle until it’s just slightly longer than the knife’s blade, then slip it over the blade. Voilà — the foam will conceal the sharp edge!

Pool noodles can outsmart gardening pain

You love spending time tending to your garden, but crouching down for too long can leave your knees aching. Instead of shelling out for fancy kneeling pads, create your own with a few pool noodles. To make: Cut three sections from the pool noodle wide enough for your knees to rest on and bind them together with rubber bands so they resemble a mini “log raft.” The foam will provide cushion so you can happily tend to your plants pain-free.

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