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What Causes White Hair “Down There”

When you find your first white pubic hair, it’s natural to feel caught off guard. Much like a white hair on the top of your head, it often arrives when you least expect it. While it’s understandable that you might be a bit alarmed at first, you may take comfort in the knowledge that white pubic hair is typically not a cause for great concern.

That said, there are a few different reasons why you might be finding a white pubic hair down there, and it’s important to be mindful of them in the rare case you do need to see a doctor.

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Just about everyone knows that white hair on your head is a natural part of the aging process. Well, as it turns out, hair all over your body is subject to losing melanin (or the pigment that gives it color) as you get older. This is the most common cause of white pubic hair, especially when you reach an advanced age. Interestingly enough, the hair on different parts of your body often lightens up at different times, with your “downstairs” area usually following the hair up top. Chances are, you won’t need to see a doc if your white pubic hair is aging-related.


Vitiligo is a condition that causes the patchy loss of skin color, due to parts of the skin that form your melanin either dying or ceasing to produce the same color that may have been there before. Though it’s uncommon for you to see your first patch of vitiligo in the form of white pubic hair, the condition can absolutely affect that area of your body. Your doctor can diagnose vitiligo by taking a small biopsy of the affected skin, or a blood sample.

White piedra

White piedra is a rare fungal infection of the hair shaft, caused by a type of yeast that coats the hair in a white substance. This typically affects younger women who live in temperate or tropical climates; however, it is possible that it could affect anyone at any age. If this is you, you may be in need of anti-fungal treatment, especially if it’s persistent. Your doctor may be able to diagnose whether it’s a fungal infection based on its appearance.

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Pubic lice

Yes, these parasitic insects not only itch and burn and cause sores, they also can make a hair appear white (even though they don’t turn the actual hair shaft itself white). Though thankfully this pesky infestation is curable, it’s great to get checked out by a doctor to be sure anything else isn’t amiss down there.

h/t Medical News Today

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