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Tired of Popping Pills? Here’s 3 Healthy Alternatives for Your Usual Vitamins


Sick of having to swallow a bunch of pills every day? Trying to avoid excess sugar? It might be time to switch up your daily vitamin routine. Traditional vitamin pills can feel like a chore when you pop them into your mouth each morning, while vitamin gummies may be more sugar than vitamin if you’re not careful.

In fact, typical adult multivitamin gummies contain 2 grams of added sugar per piece, according to The New York Times. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to the standard vitamin that can give you an excellent nutrient boost and prevent pill fatigue. From sprays to powders, these unique options will reinvent your supplement routine and support your immunity. 

Vitamin Spray

If you’re searching for a fun, palatable replacement for gummies, look no further than vitamin sprays. These tasty mouth misters are gaining traction in the vitamin world for their ease of use and efficacy. 

As described in a 2012 report by AAPS PharmSciTech, the inside of the mouth is extremely absorbent. Liquid nutrients naturally dissolve into the mucosal tissue of the tongue, cheeks, and gums. Supplement sprays take advantage of this process, because vitamins in liquid form easily pass into the blood stream and circulate through the body. 

The liquid absorption of nutrients in the mouth doesn’t necessarily mean that vitamins will quickly appear in your blood stream. Still, your body may absorb more nutrients from a vitamin spray than a pill. Some vitamin sprays are also fortified with antioxidants and minerals. Here’s one we love:

TheraBreath Immunity Support Oral Spray Supplement

Best vitamin spray
TheraBreath spray

Buy at Walmart, $9.97

Why we like it:

  • Easy to use
  • Kid-friendly flavors
  • Fortified with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals

The spray contains copper, zinc, elderberry extract, and acerola extract for an extra immune-system boost.

As an added bonus, reviewers have called the spray convenient and yummy!

Multivitamin Powder

Multivitamin powders may be the perfect solution if you don’t want to taste your vitamins, but you still want to experience better absorption. These nutrient-dense powders are packed with vitamins and minerals. They’re also highly adaptable to your routine. If you’re constantly on the go, simply combine a scoop of powder with water to create a refreshing, fruity beverage or add to a smoothie in the morning. 

Vitamin powders do tend to be more expensive than vitamin sprays. However, a one-month supply of powder is equivalent to (and sometimes cheaper than) a one-month supply of gummy vitamins.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Multi-Vitamin Powder

Best multivitamin powder
AmazingGrass vitamin powder

Buy on Amazon, $18.60

Why we like it:

  • Plant-based
  • Lots of flavors to choose from
  • Easy to add into smoothies, baked goods, and more

This multi-vitamin powder is one such formula that can easily be added to your day. It comes in 11 different flavors, such as berry, which can be mixed with water, or chocolate, which can be mixed with milk or a dairy alternative.

The powders can even be added to smoothies, oatmeal, or baked goods.

Liquid Vitamins

Liquid vitamins are the most expensive of the three pill alternatives, as they have a shorter shelf life and usually contain fewer filler ingredients. On the other hand, these liquid nutrients have fewer mystery ingredients than traditional vitamin products. 

Liquid extracts are sometimes prescribed to people who struggle to absorb vitamins from pills or suffer from a severe vitamin deficiency. This is because the body can absorb the nutrients from liquid vitamins in about 1 to 4 minutes. People who have had gastric surgery or deal with digestion issues can benefit from liquid vitamins as well. 

These alternatives to pills may suit your lifestyle if you are always pressed for time. Some vitamin-gurus recommend that you keep the liquid in your fridge on a front-facing shelf, so you will remember to take a dose every day. 

Note that liquid vitamins may not be the best solution if you have a very sensitive stomach or suffer from liver damage. Whether you’re a vitamin pro or a beginner, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement. 

Morning Liquid Vitamins by MaryRuth’s

Best liquid multivitamin
Mary Ruth's liquid vitamins

Buy on Amazon, $39.95

Why we like it:

  • Vegan and sugar-free
  • Boosts immunity, energy, and beauty
  • Includes essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids

Wondering which liquid vitamin to test out first? This raspberry-flavored, organic multivitamin contains 100% of your daily dose of vitamin D.

It also includes amino acids, antioxidants, and trace amounts of essential minerals.

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