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Fitness Pros Say the Viral Hot Girl Walk Boosts Health, Happiness and Confidence — Here’s Why

As little as 10 minutes a day can make a world of difference, a personal trainer confirms

Enjoying a relaxing walk on a beautiful day is nothing new. But it turns out you can boost the benefit of your stroll by taking a “Hot Girl Walk”. Fewer social media fitness trends blew up quicker than this one. Why? It’s an easy way to help you feel good both physically and mentally. (Don’t be surprised if your confidence soars, too!) Here, dive into the Hot Girl Walk trend, how you can make it your own and learn why walking is great for your well-being.

What is the viral Hot Girl Walk?

Essentially, a Hot Girl Walk is a focused four-mile outdoor walk“You’re only allowed to think about three things when you’re on a Hot Girl Walk,” says Mia Lind, TikTok content creator and founder of the Hot Girl Walk. This includes the “things you’re grateful for, your goals and how you’re going to achieve them and how hot you are.” The trend started in 2021, and people still love incorporating it into their fitness routine.

How the trend has evolved

Today, the distance you walk doesn’t matter as much as how you feel during your stroll. It doesn’t necessarily need to be four miles as long as you’re being active. “The term has been co-opted to mean any walk where you find your inner confidence and work on yourself,” says Rebecca Stewart, a certified personal trainer and strength and mobility coach. “It’s supposed to be an inner journey of self-evolution to turn you into a more confident person.”

Gina Newton, a holistic body coach and certified personal trainer, seconds that. “Don’t get caught up in the four miles, a certain amount of time or doing it at a certain pace,” she says. “Take what you can get on any given day. Getting out for a 10, 15, 30 or 60-minute walk over time will help you in mind and body.” (Not feeling up for a stroll due to back pain? Learn how to ease lower back pain when walking.)

A Hot Girl Walk is good for your mental health

Black woman doing a hot girl walk across a bridge to boost her happiness
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You already know that walking is good exercise. But as Stewart points out, using a Hot Girl Walk for visualization purposes can have a real impact on your outlook toward reaching your goals. “When you visualize your success, you gain confidence in your ability to make it a reality,” she explains. “In turn, you’re more likely to take the actions necessary to make it happen. Your positive thoughts and actions then lead to the results that you want to achieve.”

Being outside boosts the feel-good benefit

Hot Girl Walks are usually done in nature, though you can swap the scenic option for a treadmill if the weather’s not cooperating. That said, being outside and connecting with greenery, sunshine and fresh air relieves stress and anxiety.

“Walking helps rewire the brain because of bilateral stimulation — meaning both sides of your brain are being used at the same time — plus it allows your brain to wander,” says Stewart. This time away from stressors makes it easier to think about the positive things in your life, which is a key part of the Hot Girl Walk.

A Hot Girl Walk is good for your physical health

Newton shares that any kind of walking “elevates your heart rate and supports cardiovascular health.” Additionally, regular exercise like walking lowers your blood pressure and improves your body’s ability to use oxygen, says Newton.

“So many of us have jobs sitting at a computer,” adds Rachel Lovitt, certified personal trainer and founder of Mindful Movement and Living. “Hot Girl Walks allow our bodies to take a break from sitting, get blood circulating again, give our eyes a break from a screen and align our posture back to an upright position instead of that tech neck posture.”

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How to get the benefits of a Hot Girl Walk

If you’re ready to see the Hot Girl Walk pay off, getting started is easy. Head outside, take some deep breaths and walk for at least 15 minutes. Longer is ideal, but starting with lower increments can help you build up to a longer walking time as your body and schedule allows. While you’re walking, let go of what’s weighing you down. Shift your attention toward your goals, your confidence and the things you’re grateful for.

“If we’re spending our walks sorting through what’s going wrong, that’s only going to bring our mental state down,” says Newton. “However, if we focus on the things we do have, what is going right, that raises our energy levels and ‘vibration’ and helps us feel better.”

Focus on these 3 things during a Hot Girl Walk

  1. What you’re grateful for. One of the biggest aspects of this trend is thinking about the things you’re grateful for. That’s something Newton says may not come naturally for many us, since we tend to get bogged down in our worries. “Setting out on a walk with the intention to focus on what you’re grateful for is a good way to change your overall energy and vibration,” she explains.
  2. Your goals. Not sure what goal to focus on? It is doesn’t have to be limited to fitness. Think about anything you want to achieve physically, emotionally or in life in general.
  3. Positive self talk. Thinking positive thoughts about ourselves can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of a Hot Girl Walk. Compliment yourself, hype yourself up or focus on a quality that makes you stand out. That can be your striking red hair, your sense of humor or your support for your family. This mindset helps boost your confidence and gives you more positive energy.

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