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Your Fatigue May Be Due To Electronics Exposure: How One 54-Year Old Woman Solved It


Sheila Hansen, 54, spent years watching her life pass her by as she struggled with pain and fatigue. Then, a surprising diagnosis turned her life around, for good! Learn how Sheila restored her spark after she discovered that she had EMF sensitivity — a sensitivity to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that our electronics produce.

Sheila Hansen, 54
Sheila Hansen, 54Steve Smith

Sheila’s Story

This is not how I pictured this, thought Sheila Hansen, watching her friends drive off to a party she was too tired to attend. I can’t continue to live this way, watching life pass me by, she said to herself. I used to be known as ‘Sassy Sheila,’ and now people tell me I have no spark left, she lamented, heading to bed.

Struggles With Pain, Dizziness, and Fatigue

“A few years ago, neck pain became my constant companion and lack of sleep became my norm, which led to a roller coaster of fluctuating energy,” recalls Sheila. “Soon after, dizziness entered the equation. I was unable to do household chores like vacuuming, and if I tried, I’d be laid up for days. I felt worthless, I hurt all over, I was exhausted … this led to me feeling depressed and depleted.

“I was advised to have injections to lessen the pain, but they didn’t work. I tried medication, but it just made me feel sick. So, in January of 2020, I had surgery, but I was still in chronic pain. By October I was living in my recliner. It was a sad existence. I couldn’t contribute to my family or church, and this crushed me.

“In March of 2021, my daughter got a recommendation for Dr. Jessica Payne, a functional medicine practitioner nearby who was also a chiropractor and nutritionist. ‘I was told she could possibly help you,’ my daughter said. I was tired of injections, surgery, and pain, but most of all, I was just tired. I looked at my daughter — who would soon have my first grandchild, who I desperately wanted to have the strength to hold — and I told her I’d make an appointment right away.

A Diagnosis of EMF Sensitivity

“After a thorough examination, Dr. Jessica determined that my adrenal glands were tapped out and I was overladen with heavy metals — a ‘toxic soup’ that was zapping my energy.

“But the real kicker was when she looked at me and asked me to get out my phone. She held it in front of my face and pressed on my raised arm.

It immediately went weak. ‘You’re extremely sensitive to EMF,’ she said. ‘Your phone, Wi-Fi, and electronics are making you sick.’

“’What is this woman talking about? And what is EMF?’ I thought. But I was intrigued; I considered how I slept with my phone next to me, always had my Bluetooth on, and basically went from my bed to recliner to stare at the TV most of the day.

“With more research, I learned that EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are the invisible poison that disrupts balance in the body. EMFs from electronics elevate cortisol levels, and high cortisol taxes the adrenal glands. And all of the injections and fillings I’d had [were making] my body high in heavy metals, and EMFs are attracted to that.

The Road to Recovery

“As I sat in Dr. Jessica’s office listening, I began to cry. My hope was restored. She advised me to wear a multi-polar magnet daily, which she said would make my body less susceptible. She also suggested I purchase some Tesla/EMF crystals to put under my bed or on painful spots on my body. These crystals change EMF wave form from polarized (disruptive) to unpolarized (healthy). She told me they do wonders for sleep, which caught my attention. Finally, she asked where the Wi-Fi router was in our home and asked me to turn off the one in my bedroom that night to just see.

“Oddly, I wasn’t skeptical; I so wanted to believe this was the answer to why I was in pain and exhausted all the time. I was willing to try anything.

So, I walked out of her office after purchasing a magnet for $20 (Buy a similar Magnetic Therapy Bracelet from Amazon, $49.95) and a mini-grounding bag of Tesla Crystals/EMF Rocks for $60 (Buy from EMF Rocks, $59.99). At home, my husband turned off the router in our bedroom. And that night, I slept soundly for the first time I could remember.

“I wore my magnet faithfully and my pain began to lessen. I carried my small crystal bag with me and began to notice the difference in how I’d feel if I didn’t have it with me or when I’d go into a high-EMF environment. Before I knew it, I no longer lived through the screen. I was outside living life! Sleep became a familiar friend.

“Under Dr. Jessica’s care, I [also] began juicing celery, a major liver cleanser, and I eliminated dairy to decrease inflammation. Within months, my pain, energy and sleep were better. When Dr. Jessica asked, ‘What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?’ I replied, ‘Everything!’

“My granddaughter was born in August, and I can hold her and help my daughter, just as I dreamed I’d be able to do. I’m so grateful for these easy, simple steps, so I can once again enjoy my life and do what I want to do!”

One-Minute Quiz

If you’re frequently fatigued and suffer from at least two of the symptoms below, exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) may be to blame:

  • Memory lapses or lack of focus
  • Sleep difficulties/disturbances
  • Blue moods or anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle or joint pain

If you do have one or more of these symptoms, speak to your doctor. EMF sensitivity may not necessarily be at the root of your problems, and a doctor will be able to offer you the best advice in terms of a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult your physician before pursuing any treatment plan.

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