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Drinking 3 Cups of This Popular Beverage Each Day Can Help You Live Longer


How many cups of coffee do you usually sip in a day? If the answer is at least three, we have some great news: A recent study claims that drinking three or more cups of coffee each day may help us live longer. 

This impressive perk was discovered by Korean scientists who published their findings in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. They came to the conclusion after observing the coffee habits of over 173,000 participants who were all 40 or older. The study period lasted nine years, plus a follow-up five years after that. 

They found that compared to those who consumed no coffee at all, participants who had three cups a day showed a significantly reduced risk of all-cause mortality. That result was even greater when it came to reducing the risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease. 

The study authors noted that these results were the same regardless of the type of coffee participants consumed. It’s certainly promising news for anyone who enjoys pouring themselves a third cup of joe each day!

It also backs up a previous study from the same group of scientists in 2019. In that case, they observed the coffee habits of over 14,000 participants. They found that at least one cup of coffee a day reduced the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, especially in women. 

For reference, the American Heart Association describes metabolic syndrome as a group of five conditions — high blood sugar, lower levels of good cholesterol (HDL), high levels of bad cholesterol, large waist circumference (or an “apple-shaped” body) and high blood pressure — which can all can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other issues. 

And although the study authors emphasize their results are specific to the Korean populations they observed in each instance, studies from across the globe have found similarly compelling benefits of coffee. 

In Italy, scientists recently surveyed more than 20,000 adults about their espresso intake. Those who drank at least three shots of espresso a day (roughly the equivalent of three cups of coffee) also showed a decreased risk in all-cause mortality — and again, there was an even greater decrease in the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. 

So unless you’ve been told by your doctor to lower your caffeine consumption or any other coffee-related health concerns, adding a third cup of joe to your daily routine might also help add more years to your life!

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