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How to Lift Your ‘Girls’ When They’re Sagging This Summer

Want to give your chest a little lift before you have fun in the sun this summer? We asked a handful of experts to share their tips for getting a bathing suit-worthy décolletage — and it turns out all you need are a few easy tricks.

Nutritionist says: Nosh on leafy greens.

Rich in vitamins A and C, cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli sprouts, cabbage, and collard greens help maintain strong breast tissue, promote collagen production, and support healthy estrogen levels to boost the bosom, says nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, author of Radical Metabolism ($15.33, Amazon) and The New Fat Flush Plan ($17, Amazon). Plus, they contain antioxidants that ward off the UV rays that can damage the skin along the chest, causing breasts to look droopy. Gittleman suggests eating one serving of greens (either 1 cup of raw or 1/2 cup of cooked) every other day for results in under one month.

Dermatologist says: Try an egg white mask.

The protein, vitamin A, and amino acids in egg whites work together to boost collagen synthesis, firming saggy skin and, in turn, perking up the bust for a lifted look, says dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules ($9.27, Amazon). Adding honey (a humectant) and yogurt (its lactic acid dissolves dead cells for smoother skin) to the mix helps speed results. To do: Combine the whites from 1 egg, 1 Tbsp. of plain yogurt and 1 tsp. of honey. Apply to the chest and breasts and let sit 20 minutes; rinse. Repeat three times a week for a more boosted bosom in under 30 days.

Trainer says: Grab a couple of soup cans.

Using the pantry staple as weights is an easy and affordable way to boost the bust, according to celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese, author of the portion-control cookbook FIXATE ($26.90, Amazon). Calabrese’s how-to: Lie on your back on top of a mat or towel. Holding one 15-oz. soup can in each hand (thumbs facing in toward your body), position your elbows so the “weights” are even with your bust. Push up, locking your arms at the top of the move; return to start. Do two sets of 15, five times a week. This builds the pectoral major and minor muscles in the chest so breasts appear firmer in three weeks.

Stylist says: Throw on a V-neck cover-up.

Slipping on a cover-up helps us feel less exposed when lounging around the pool or strolling on the beach, but too much fabric can add bulk at the bust, masking any lift-enhancing shape. To the rescue: a crocheted V-neck design. “The sheerness of a crochet style showcases the shape of the bust without overwhelming the area,” says stylist Samantha Brown. “And the V-neck shows a tasteful amount of cleavage while drawing the focus upward to counteract sagginess.” 

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