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7 Genius Ways to Use Condensed Milk That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

It's not just for baking.

Swirling in a few spoons of gooey condensed milk adds decadence and richness to any recipe. Whether you’ve used a small amount and have a bit left over or you have a few extra cans in your kitchen, this pantry staple should never go to waste. In fact, we think you’ll be surprised at all the ways you can use it in your kitchen. TK CAN YOU NOT SAY KITCHEN TWICE?

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Sweetened condensed milk is milk that has been heated to remove all of its water content. This process reduces the milk by at least half and thickens its consistency. After, sugar is added for flavoring. The end result is a thick, creamy goo that doesn’t look so appetizing, but tastes amazing as an add-in or sidekick to some of our favorite treats.

(Note: Condensed milk is different than evaporated milk, which is similar, but doesn’t contain the sugar.)

Here are some of our favorite ways to use it.

Make your own caramel sauce.

Did you know that you can make your own caramel sauce from sweetened condensed milk? All you have to do is pour a can of it into a casserole dish and bake it in a preheated oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 to 90 minutes until it’s turned a golden brown color! Caramel sauce makes a great topping for ice cream or dessert bars.

Use it as a dessert topping.

While you can transform it into caramel sauce, sweet and rich condensed milk is great as a dessert topping on it’s own, too. Spoon it onto ice cream, brownies, or pie. Mmmm.

Make key-lime pie.

Speaking of pie, you can use your leftover condensed milk to make your very own key lime pie, which is the ideal combination of tart and sweet. Check out our super simple key-lime pie recipe, here!

Craft a heavenly cocktail.

Dessert cocktails steal the show at any dinner gathering, and you can wow your friends and family by crafting your own. Sweetened condensed milk is the perfect nightcap when it’s combined with bourbon and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg! Mix one and a half ounces of milk with one and a half ounces bourbon to make one drink.

Replace your favorite candy bar.

Condensed milk acts as a rich sweetener in these ‘Almond Joy’ fudge bars, which are made with nutritious superfoods like dark chocolate, almonds, and coconut. Once you try these, we guarantee you won’t be going back to the store-bought version anytime soon.

Use it as a coffee creamer.

Sweetened condensed milk is a great coffee creamer and sweetener. Stir in one tablespoon per cup of coffee, or adjust to your taste.

Drizzle it on fruit.

Take advantage of all the stone fruits in season right now, and drizzle a dash of condensed milk onto sliced peaches, nectarines, or apricots. It makes a light yet heavenly snack!

Stir it into brownie batter.

If you didn’t already want to stick your hands into a big bowl of brownie batter and eat it with your fingers, fold in a little condensed milk, and you really won’t be able to resist. The milk will add richness to your finished product.

There you have it. Never again will you toss away a can of precious sweetened condensed milk. With all the ways you can use it, your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied.

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