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Chef Reveals the Secrets to Making the Best Steak + Fries (Steak Frites) At Home

Who needs to pay steakhouse prices when it's so easy to whip this up at home?

You love steak with a side of crispy fries (“steak frites” in French) but aren’t always in the mood to head out to your local steakhouse and part with your hard-earned cash. And you don’t have to! All it takes to create that steakhouse flavor at home are a few brilliant steps that most folks forget. Keep reading for chef secrets on how to make restaurant-quality steak frites from scratch — and three red wines you should sip when enjoying this magnificent meal.

What exactly is steak frites?

Steak frites is a dish consisting of a cooked steak served alongside hand-cut fries and, sometimes, an herb butter or creamy sauce like Hollandaise or Béarnaise. Chef Daniel P. Craig, founder at Kitchen Deets, notes that this dish originated in early 19th-century French eateries and quickly became a staple across France and Belgium. “The perfectly seared steak paired with crispy golden fries showcased the French culinary prowess,” he says. “Today, this timeless dish has transcended borders and earned a cherished place on menus worldwide.”

3 tips for making the best steak frites

Wondering how to nail the juiciest steak or crunchiest fries for this dish? Below, chef Nathaniel Lee, of, shares his top three tips for whipping up the most delicious steak frites you’ll ever have.

  1. Choose the right cut of steak. It’s important to select a steak that has the right amount of meat and marbling — those are streaks of fat melt as it cooks to help meat stay moist. So opt for a well-marbled steak, such as ribeye or sirloin, for the best flavor and tenderness
  2. Get the perfect sear on the meat. Preheat your pan or grill to a high temperature, then sear the steak for a few minutes on each side to create a flavorful crust while locking in the juices. For a medium-rare steak, aim for an internal temperature of around 130°F to 135°F. (Click through for a full guide of cooked steak temperatures.)
  3. Soak and double-fry the French fries. For fries with a crunchy exterior and creamy interior, soak russet potatoes before frying them twice. Simply cut the potatoes into uniform matchstick-sized pieces, and soak them in cold water for about 30 minutes to remove excess starch. Pat them dry, then fry them twice — first at a lower temperature (around 325°F) to cook them through, and then at a higher temperature (around 375°F) for crispness. 

How to make steak frites 

Lee’s recipe for steak frites is as simple as it gets. Why? Because you only need five core ingredients and about an hour before you’re savoring this scrumptious dish. Feel free to serve the dish with herb butter or your favorite sauce for extra flavor.

Chef Lee’s Steak Frites Recipe


  • 2 ribeye steaks (any size but about 1-inch thick), room temperature
  • Salt and pepper, to taste 
  • 4 large russet potatoes, peeled and cut into ⅛-inch matchstick-sized fries 
  • Vegetable oil, for frying 


  • Total time: 1 hr.
  • Yield: 2 servings
  1. Soak fries in bowl filled with cold water, 30 minutes. Drain fries and pat completely dry.
  2. Preheat grill or pan to high heat. 
  3. Season the steaks generously with salt and pepper on both sides. 
  4. Cook steaks about 4 to 6 minutes per side for medium-rare, or adjust cooking time to preferred doneness. Let steaks rest covered, about 5 to 10 minutes before slicing. 
  5. In meantime, heat vegetable oil in a deep pot or fryer to 325°F. 
  6. Fry potato matchsticks in batches about 5 minutes, or until they are cooked through but still pale in color. Remove and drain on paper towels. 
  7. Increase the oil temperature to 375°F and fry the potatoes again in batches until golden and crispy, about 3 to 4 minutes. 
  8. Sprinkle fries with salt while still hot. 
  9. Serve sliced steak alongside crispy fries. 

Our 3 favorite red wines to sip with steak frites

A glass of red wine is great to sip when eating steak frites because the drink’s rich fruity flavors complement the fatty meat and salty fries. Plus, it makes enjoying this dish feel as though you’re in a fancy steakhouse, despite being in the comfort of your home. (Bonus: Moderate red wine consumption is linked with helping lower blood pressure and weight loss — so, cheers!)

Below, you can find our three red wine picks that pair nicely with steak frites.

  1. L’Autre Côte Cabernet Franc (Find near you at, average price of $29.99): This pick balances the flavors of blackberry, plums and black cherries with more earthy tastes for an irresistible glass. “L’Autre Côte Cabernet Franc is the perfect wine to pair with steak frites because it is has the generous structure to accentuate and not overwhelm the flavors of well-cooked steak while, at the same time, using its alluring aromas, flavors and acidity to elevate mouth-filling fries!” explains Steven Kent Mirassao, of Steven Kent Winery in Livermore Valley wine region.
  2. Alileo’s Rosato Bronzato (Buy from, $39.99): This boxed red wine (which contains the equivalent of 4 bottles) is a favorite of ours thanks to its lively mouthfeel with each sip. “The bright velvety body of the Rosato pairs perfectly with the steak while its fresh berry palate balances the salinity of the frites,” notes Antonio Bertone, co-founder of Alileo
  3. Las Positas Vineyards Estate Tempranillo (Find near you at, average price of $65): Worth the splurge, this wine not only boasts fruity flavors of boysenberry and blackberry, but it also features warming hints of vanilla and chocolate. “It is a rich, fruity and spicy wine with great acidity and a firm yet supple tannin structure,” says Brent Amos, winemaker at Las Positas Vineyards Estate.

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