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We Tried the New Pink Pineapple — Here’s How You Can, Too

The Pinkglow pineapple has arrived and it’s not just the delightful hue that sets them apart from the usual yellow ones.

A press release from Del Monte, the exclusive producers of Pinkglow pineapples, says they’ve been working on perfecting these rose-tinted cuties for the past 16 years. Describing them as the “Jewel of the Jungle,” these pineapples grow in ultra-limited harvests in Costa Rica and take up to 24 months to produce. Each one is hand-picked by farmers before hitting the market.

This careful curation process means you can count on receiving a quality pineapple, but it won’t be cheap. Currently, it adds up to a $49 price tag. Yep, that’s per pineapple, which is undeniably quite a splurge for some fruit. The company promises it will be worth your money, though, with a sweeter and juicier flavor than regular pineapples.

I was able to get my hands on one to see if that’s true. Here’s what it looks like when you pull it out of the freezer-packed box:

Pinkglow pineapple delivery

On first glance, you can tell the fruit is a bit smaller than traditional pineapples (that’s an 8-inch chef knife next to it for comparison). I’m no expert, but the condensed space might be why it’s able to retain more sweetness. You’ll also notice it’s missing the fronds at the top, which are chopped off after harvesting and used to grow more pretty pink pineapples. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, which is something I never thought I’d need with a fruit, but certainly isn’t the strangest thing I’ve seen in 2020.

I can also confirm these pineapples are incredibly juicy. I had to put a towel under my cutting board while I sliced it up because the juice kept overflowing onto my counter. You can see in the photo below that it completely soaked the wooden board while I chopped.

Cubed pinkglow pineapple

Aside from anticipating a deliciously juicy treat, you should definitely be careful while cutting this slippery fruit.

I could smell a distinctly pineapple aroma as I sliced — but with a bit of a melon-y twist. I didn’t bother waiting until I was done chopping to sample a few bites and it absolutely delivered on the extra sweetness Del Monte promises, but it didn’t feel like a sugar overload. The fruit closer to the core had more of that melon-flavor I was sniffing, but again, not in an overwhelming way.

It also contains less bromelain, the enzyme that makes your tongue feel fuzzy when chowing down on slices of yellow pineapple, so you don’t get that side effect while you snack. That and the lack of any tartness also helps to not take away from its naturally sweet taste.

I actually kind of missed having that tingly tart flavor, but also couldn’t stop popping bite after bite into my mouth. It’s really just a sweeter, juicier, and over all smoother pineapple eating experience.

The pink color is thanks to the addition of lycopene, the same nutrient that gives tomatoes and grapefruits their striking hues. That means that on top of all the benefits you get from regular pineapples (like tons of immune-boosting vitamin C), these pretty fruits can also help with things like vision and brain health. Cute and healthy!

If you don’t mind shelling out the money for a Pinkglow pineapple, I am sure you’ll be just as pleased by the flavor and oh-so Instagram-worthy appearance. I can see it being especially fun to include upcoming holiday meals!

You can purchase one to try yourself at It might seem indulgent, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then! (Especially while we all continue to deal with the craziness of this year. )

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