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This Hack for Peeling Mangoes Makes It So Much Quicker and Easier


In a world where food prep becomes the longest portion of the cooking process, we’re always looking for ways to make washing, cutting, and peeling a little easier. Fruit often has a reputation for being difficult to wash and prepare — and nothing is more daunting than the mango. Fortunately, a viral food prep hack has simplified the process for this particular tropical fruit.

Instead of trying to peel a mango with a knife, try using a strong, rounded glass, such as a bartender glass. Dietician Melanie Kluzek demonstrates the glass-peeling method in a short video, first using a knife to cut the mango on either side of the pit. Kluzek notes that the pit is usually about an inch long in the middle of the fruit, if the mango is held up lengthwise. She therefore cuts the fruit about a quarter to a half inch over from the center on either side, slicing downwards in one clean motion. 

Leaving the center section with the pit aside, Kluzek takes the first cut piece of mango and places the edge of it against the rim of the glass, with the cut side facing inward. She also makes sure to position the sliced fruit over the center of the glass at nearly a 90-degree angle, instead of holding it vertically. From there, she pushes the fruit into the rim of the glass, right where the peel meets the flesh. As she pushes, the rim of the glass easily peels the mango, and the yellow fruit falls right into the glass. Kluzek repeats this step with the other section of mango, then swiftly cuts away any hard parts on the flesh with a knife. 

Take a look at her process in the video below:

If you’re eager to use as much of the mango as you can and reduce waste, you can also use this method for the center portion of the fruit containing the pit. First, slice this center section in a straight line on either side of the stone, so that you have two additional pieces of fruit to work with. Then, peel each small piece of the mango using the glass method. This step might be more difficult as you have far less fruit to hold onto while peeling. With a steady hand, however, you should be able to peel the rest of the fruit and enjoy as much mango as possible. 

As an added bonus, this peeling method works for kiwis too! To peel a kiwi, cut it in half right down the middle. Then, use a shot glass and the same technique to push the peel away from the fruit, letting the clean halves drop right into the tiny glass. 

Keep in mind that your fruits should be as ripe as possible before you try either of these peeling methods. If your mangoes or kiwis are still a little tough, you will have a much harder time pushing the cut pieces into the rim of the glass. Also, the entire section of fruit won’t peel off in one fell swoop. Hopefully with this new peeling method under your belt, you’ll be tempted to eat mangoes and kiwis more often. 

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