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This Simple Hack Makes Chopping Broccoli So Much Less Messy

Broccoli is a delicious addition to so many meals, but can be a bit of a mess to chop up. Those tiny green buds love to fly all over our counters as we run a knife through fresh florets. We might think it’s just part of the process that can’t be avoided, but a home cook has revealed a simple broccoli chopping hack that keeps everything in place. 

Don’t worry, there’s no need to invest in fancy slicing gadgets or learn any expert knife techniques. Instead, TikTok user MonMackFood says all we need is some boiled water! Just dip the head of broccoli into the hot water for a couple seconds. It will bind the bits together and make a huge difference when you start chopping. 

Take a look to see how well this quick blanching trick works:

Although she says it might be an “incredibly nice issue to have,” the amount of people flooding her comments makes it seem like messy broccoli is a more universal annoyance. But thanks to this amazing tip, we no longer have to worry about cleaning up flyaway bits of our florets!

The only catch is that this changes the texture of the veggie, but that’s really only a problem if you were hoping to nosh on it raw. Otherwise, you can steam, sauté, or roast it up however you like and it will still taste great. In fact, this brief pre-cooking will probably help it heat through more evenly for a perfectly tender bite.

Sure, you have to take the time for water to boil, but you can work on other stuff for the meal while you wait for the bubbles to rise. Give it a try the next time you’re in the mood for broccoli and you might never go without the clever meal prep trick!

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