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The Best Handheld Steamers to De-Wrinkle Your Favorite Outfits in a Flash


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If you love having smooth, wrinkle-free clothes, but don’t love ironing (and let’s be honest, who does?), then a handheld garment steamer is a must-have. These handy gadgets are easy to use and will have your clothes looking like they’re fresh from the dry cleaner — without the errand or the expense.

You can keep your favorite outfits wrinkle-free, your delicate blouses looking like new, and your household fabrics, such as blackout curtains, rugs, and outdoor furniture, clean and crisp with a handheld steamer that meets your specific needs. Love to travel? A small, portable steamer will be best for you. Need to use your steamer on different fabrics around the house? Get one with multiple brush heads.

We’ve rounded up our favorites — including one full-size steamer that’s as compact and easy to use as any handheld appliance. Keep scrolling to see our picks for the best steamer to keep your clothes and household fabrics looking great!

Beautural Clothes Steamer

handheld steamer

Where to buy: $34.97, Amazon

If what previous buyers have to say about a product matters to you, this steamer is one you’ll want to consider! People rave about the watertight tank (no leaking and making a mess or possibly burning yourself), the lock button that means you don’t have to stand there and keep holding the button as it steams, the quick-heating power, and the automatic turn-off safety feature. With several attachments for making creases, removing lint, and brushing fabric, this steamer is a small powerhouse of an appliance!

Reviewers say:

“I’m a TV wardrobe stylist, and I do A LOT of steaming. This is, hands down, the best steamer I’ve ever used. It doesn’t spit water out (unless you’ve had it upside down with water in it), warms up very quickly, and will steam multiple garments before it needs a refill. I love that it has a button and a lock to keep it on (my last one just turned on… no button to pause the steam). The brush attachment is awesome, and pulls the fabric as you steam, which pulls the wrinkles out more quickly.”

“I am so glad I made this purchase, and I wish I had bought this sooner. The steamer heats up in less than a minute and is watertight. I have steamed my clothes at a 90-degree angle, and no water has leaked out of the tank and burned me. Residual water in the tank also does not leak out all over my suitcase during traveling. The steamer is lightweight and easy to use.”

iSteam Steamer

best affordable
handheld steamer

Where to buy: $28.97, Amazon

This sleek-looking steamer heats up quickly and features an electronic pump system that keeps it from leaking — even if you hold it upside down while using it! Steam out wrinkles from any angle, without getting water spots on your delicate dresses. Comes with a detachable brush head accessory for use on furniture, too!

Reviewers say:

“I absolutely love this steamer. It turns on right away (less than 10 secs), no leaking of water on the clothes, the tank lasts for a few pieces, and you can even use it as a humidifier.”

“This little steamer is so easy to use! Just fill the water tank, plug it in and moments later it’s ready to go!!!

Sunbeam Handheld Garment Steamer

best for travel
handheld steamer

Where to buy: $54.99, Amazon

This steamer is lightweight and easy to pack with you on your next vacation, heats up quickly, and gets rave reviews on Amazon. The flat bottom lets it stand upright, which is much-appreciated if you’ve ever tried to steam out a suit or dress in a cramped hotel bathroom! The wide steam bar tackles stubborn wrinkles, and two heat settings let you choose whether to go full-blast or if you just need a gentle steam treatment.

Reviewers say:

“I keep this in my room with all of my clothes, so that way I can steam right away with my garments as I take them out to wear them. It takes like 15 seconds to heat up and get ready so I can start steaming basically immediately! It has a low and high setting so if you need to be more gentle with a garment, use the low setting. I use the high setting on just about everything and so far so good. Would HIGHLY recommend this product – it makes getting ready in the morning SO EASY.”

“I have had less expensive steamers that got the job done for a short time, but the little extra I paid for this model was well worth it. The water container holds ample water for 2 or 3 suits and the steam trigger is a nice way to add to a number of clothes this unit can steam. The heat of the steam is more than ample to make quick work of most wrinkles while doing an excellent job of sanitation. A must-have if you wear suits on a regular basis and want to save on dry cleaning.”

Conair Complete Steam Full Size Garment Steamer

best full-sized steamer
handheld steamer

Where to buy: $46.99, Amazon

A handheld steamer is perfect for travel, and it’s definitely convenient if you don’t have a lot of storage space for small appliances. But a full-size steamer can be a wonderful thing to have, if you find yourself frequently steaming several items of clothing. They can hold more water so need to be filled less often, and come with a hanger bar so you don’t have to try and find a place to hang your garment while you steam. With its telescoping garment pole, this one won’t take up much more room than a handheld version, and it packs away conveniently. It’s also not much more expensive than a good handheld steamer — so if you decide to go for a full-size model, this is the one!

Reviewers say:

“Everyone needs a steamer… it’s such a game changer. I absolutely hate ironing and I’m terrible at it. Every time I move, the steamer is one of the first things I set up! Super straightforward to set up and use. The clips/hanger are helpful. I just offered my friend to borrow it to convince her to buy one! Update: I’ve had this for a year and a half and it’s still great!”

“Assembly is super easy. Water tank holds a lot for the price, so you can steam for a long time without worrying about refilling it. It is a waste of money to get a handheld one unless you want it purely for travel. This is 100 percent worth the cost … if you want a reasonably priced steamer, this is your best bet.”

Housmile Steamer

best for household fabrics
handheld steamer

Where to buy: $31.99, Amazon

Clothes aren’t the only thing you’ll want to steam. Sofas, drapes, rugs, and other household fabrics also get wrinkled, dingy, and hold on to odors — and steaming them can help! This model comes with two different brushes, so you can use it on delicate fabrics like silk, plush, wool, cotton, linen, polyester and nylon, as well as sturdier fabrics such as outdoor furniture covers.

Reviewers say:

“The steamer arrived and I put it together in a few minutes; it was so easy to operate. Then it worked like magic. Many wrinkles fell out, and no more struggles for shirts and trousers! Super convenient … Recently, I’ve founded a new way of playing my new toy: If you want to get slight odors out of your clothes, this product can also help … I love it!”

“This steamer is fantastic! It works extremely well and does just as I hoped it would. It warms up so quickly and I’ve used it on quite a few different fabrics and it removes the creases on all of them so easily.”

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