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Why the Dad Bod Is the Hottest Bod


It’s no secret that six packs are nice—but only in the beer, bread roll, or potato chip variety. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about the “dad bod.”

If you have been buried away under a mountain of ironing, here is a quick refresher on what exactly a dad bod is. A dad bod, by definition, is not too fat nor skinny—it’s a manly body, with a hairy chest and definitely not ripped with muscle.

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If you’re not already convinced of the fact, here are eight reasons why dad bods are the best kinds of bods:

1. You’ll have lots of cozy nights in.

Some of the best nights in a relationship are spent with Chinese takeaway watching TV. The more toned he is, the more likely he will say, “Err…how many calories is in this” before making you leave your cozy, warm cave. Sigh.

2. You’ll reach true relationship goals.

Because you’ll be binging on your favorite shows together, there’s no doubt you’ll be getting the (rather concerned) “Are you still watching?!” message from Netflix. And yes, that’s a good sign.

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3. They won’t choose the gym over spending time with you.

When you have been left alone on your actual birthday because your other half “couldn’t miss arm day,” then you will realize how important this is.

4. He has amazing chest hair.

All dad bods have chest hair (it’s the rules), and it’s great. Running your fingers through chest hair is as fun as going to the cinema. No ifs, and, or buts.

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5. They won’t have an unreasonably huge ego.

There is (probably) a study somewhere that concludes the bigger the man’s muscles, the more likely he’ll have an over-inflated ego. Now, there is nothing wrong with a man with confidence, but men who look like the Hulk on steroids have a tendency for being flaky and sometimes downright rude.

6. You can lie on them.

Imagine all the extra cushions you’d have to buy because lying on your husband’s tummy was harder than preparing a meal for your in-laws while trying to comfort a crying child.

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7. You can revel in “ugly days.”

Ugly days are good for the soul. It’s good to revel in your ugliness and feel disgusting for a day or two—from not washing your hair to drinking orange juice out of the carton and wearing your oatmeal-stained pajamas all day long. It’s so much harder to do this when your significant other looks like he belongs in a perfume advertisement.

8. You will have ham to put in your children’s sandwiches.

There is something about gym-goers that makes them eat any packet of ham within a two-mile radius. If you actually want sliced meat left over, you’d have to hide it in the laundry basket.

Need we say more?

This post was written by Aimee Jakes. For more, check out our sister site Closer.

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