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This Valentines Day Self-Care Ritual Will Boost Your Confidence and Keep You Pampered


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, whether or not you’re coupled up. That’s the thing about love that makes it so special: It’s best shared with others when first cultivated within yourself. We’re a huge fans of self-care rituals, whether they be for a special occasion or the plain old occasion of treating yourself just because. This Valentine’s Day, if you’re lacking plans with a significant other, why not give the gift of TLC to the most deserving person of all — you! Check out this very indulgent self care ritual for a Valentine’s Day that will make you feel the love.

1. Enjoy a solo dinner.

The idea of eating out by yourself might not seem so appealing, but personally, I love going out to dinner alone. I pick one of my favorite restaurants, have a seat at the bar, and make conversation with the bartender as I enjoy a delicious meal, just for me. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a restaurant you’ve never been to!

If the idea of sitting out alone on Valentine’s Day is really not your cup of tea, we don’t blame you. Instead, cook a nice meal at home for yourself — and no, I don’t mean a micromanaged diet meal that feels like punishment to your taste buds. I mean a meal you can marvel at, one that sets your soul on fire. Cook up something decadent, perhaps a comfort-food favorite, and love yourself up with deliciousness.

2. Take a romantic bath.

Light those candles and get the playlist ready: it’s time to take bath time to the next level. 

A warm luxurious bath is a great way to show your body some love. Besides the feelings of comfort and relaxation, baths are nourishing to the body, helping it to cleanse and detoxify. Not to mention, baths make your skin look and feel great!

For a special Valentine’s Day self-care bath, light a few of your favorite candles and make a romantic playlist of songs that help you connect with your heart. You know, those songs that make you feel light and joyful inside. Then, draw a warm bath and add two cups of epsom salts along with one cup of milk. If you so desire, pick up some roses to add the flower petals to your bath along with a few drops of romantic essential oils like sandalwood or jasmine. You’ll be feeling the love vibes in no time.

3. Write yourself a love letter.

Writing love letters was something I loved to do when I was younger. Of course, I didn’t send every love letter I ever wrote, but just the act of putting my feelings down for someone on a piece of paper was so heart warming!

For the first time a few years ago, I wrote a love letter to myself on Valentine’s Day. I wrote about all the Prince Charmings who had come and gone, and honored the experiences that made me into the woman I am today. It was so nice (though admittedly strange at first) to think about all the things I appreciated about myself without judgment or criticism. Taking even just a few minutes to reflect on the things you love about yourself can be such a life-changing and uplifting experience!

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we mostly imagine outward gestures for people we love, forgetting that we rarely go to such lengths to appreciate and reward ourselves. A simple self care ritual like this one helps you reconnect with the person who deserves your love the most: You.

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