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Jon Lindstrom Talks ‘General Hospital’ Turning 61 and His Crime Novel Becoming a Bestseller

‘GH’ star Jon Lindstrom reflects on Kevin, Ryan, Laura and Heather, and teases ‘Hollywood Hustle’


On General Hospital’s 61st anniversary, legacy player Jon Lindstrom has a lot to celebrate. Sure, he’s mourning nasty Ryan Chamberlain, but he’s still playing Kevin Collins — the better twin who arrived in 1993 and became central to the spin-off Port Charles.

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Since returning to General Hospital in 2016 and hooking up with Genie Francis’ Laura, Kevin has been pulled into countless Cassadine adventures, and thanks to Ryan’s past dalliance, they’re now adopting Baby Ace and contending with Alley Mills’ Heather Webber.

Amid all the General Hospital drama, Lindstrom’s debut novel, Hollywood Hustle, is a USA Today Best Seller with a months-long waiting list on the library app, Libby.

FIRST for Women caught up with Lindstrom between book tour stops to hear about his writing journey, as well as how the Bosch and True Detective alum feels about Kevin’s ever-expanding world on General Hospital.

General Hospital star Jon Lindstrom teases bestselling crime novel

The actor in 2019
Jon Lindstrom, 2019Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

With the thriller Hollywood Hustle, Daytime Emmy nominee and award-winning indie filmmaker Jon Lindstrom has added another title to his credits — bestselling author.

Having long been a fan of Los Angeles noir crime stories, Lindstrom’s first novel takes readers into the dark underbelly of the LA film industry. The gritty tale follows washed-up movie star Winston Greene, whose estranged daughter has been kidnapped for ransom by a murderous gang.

“What they don’t know is his big movie money is long gone,” teases Lindstrom. “He’s had a trainwreck of a life and has just barely clawed his way back to a semblance of stability. So he enlists the help of two of his closest friends, a legendary stuntman and a disgraced former LAPD detective, and they try to figure out how to beat the kidnappers at their own game.”

Since Hollywood Hustle debuted in February, the response has exceeded Lindstrom’s expectations.

“Talk about sensations I never expected to have in my life,” he grins. “It’s been a terrific journey. I wanted to write a book I hoped people would like and I just hoped to get it published, frankly. So the fact that everything is falling into place like this…”

Bestselling author Jon Lindstrom is grateful for soap fan’s support

Jon Lindstrom and Michael Easton, 2024
Jon Lindstrom and Michael Easton, 2024@lizaroyceagency/Instagram

In his new role, Lindstrom has been traveling The US, doing an old-fashioned book tour. After decades of attending fan events, the daytime vet, whose credits also include As the World Turns, Generations, Santa Barbara and Rituals, noticed quite a few familiar faces in in the crowd – and we’re not just talking about his costars Michael Easton and Chloe Lanier, who were there to support him in Los Angeles.

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“The people that show up to book events have often been daytime fans who know me from my work on television,” Lindstrom says. “Because they also read! It’s been a really gratifying experience – and the best part is that people are not acting surprised that ‘this guy on a soap opera’ wrote a novel.”

With Hollywood Hustle the first of a series, Lindstrom is already about halfway through writing his follow-up and is starting to map out the third installment.

“I’m getting condolence emails from other authors,” he chuckles. “’Hey, Jon, I hear you’re working on your second book. This is the toughest one of all. My sympathies.’ Thanks a lot! ‘You want to write it for me?’”

While Lindstrom is focused on the page, right now, he reveals there could be a screen adaptation down the line.

“I am starting to get some inquiries,” he says, a twinkle in his eye.

Jon Lindstrom gets nostalgic on General Hospital’s 61st anniversary

The actor in 1990
Jon Lindstrom, 1990Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

As Lindstrom embraces the author’s life, he’s also still clocking into daytime. With Rituals setting him on a soapy path in 1984, Lindstrom joined General Hospital in 1992 for what was only supposed to be a summer of villainy. While Ryan caused trouble until 1995, Lindstrom also went on to play twin Kevin on General Hospital and Port Charles through 2004.

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Then, in a familiar story, the actor was called back for a “short” run to honor General Hospital’s 50th anniversary in 2013…and never left! Not only has Kevin become a mainstay, but Ryan returned from the dead for two more rounds of terror.

“Here I am, 32 years later,” Lindstrom marvels. “It’s become this huge, wonderful piece of my life and to be around to celebrate 60 years and now 61 is great. Everybody just feels an innate sense of pride about being with this show that’s so emblematic of the genre and is such an iconic piece of American television culture.”

The actor talks working with General Hospital icon Genie Francis

Genie Francis as Laura Spencer and John Lindstrom as Dr. Kevin Collins
Genie Francis as Laura Spencer and John Lindstrom as Dr. Kevin CollinsABC/Ricky Middlesworth

While we’re confident no one misses maniacal Ryan more than his portrayer, Lindstrom has enjoyed watching mild-mannered psychiatrist Kevin come into his own over this past decade.

“There’s a tendency to treat a character like that as fairly two-dimensional,” he explains. “Like he’s a stick in the mud or joyless. Kevin has evolved far beyond that. I’ve really come to like him. It’s just been wonderful. And I get to work with people like Genie Francis.”

While marrying General Hospital ‘s beloved Laura Spencer has thrust Kevin into whole new families and stories, Lindstrom says the best thing about the pairing is being tied to his leading lady.

“I’ve liked Genie since my early days,” he says. “She’s a smart, interesting person, but she’s also one of the most talented people working anywhere in showbiz. And I’ve worked with Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Titus Welliver, and Chris Cooper, so I know what talent looks like.”

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Lindstrom also appreciates Kevin and Laura, as a couple.

“They are a real team,” he says. “We wanted to build a relationship that reflected a mature relationship in the world – because there’s people out there over 25 that actually watch television! – and I think we’ve been able to do that.”

GH star Jon Lindstrom talks Heather Webber and Alley Mills

Jon Lindstrom and Alley Mills
Jon Lindstrom and Alley MillsABC/Christine Bartolucci

With a family having grown around him, Kevin’s now becoming a father in his 60s as he and Laura adopt his great-nephew (and her grandson), Baby Ace.

“I wouldn’t say this nurturing side comes naturally to him,” Lindstrom admits. “So it’s a nice thing to play out. Also, this is happening a lot, in the real world. Grandparents are happy to take in their children’s children.”

In classic soap form, of course, much of Kevin’s grounded, relatable story has come out of the over-the-top madness created by Laura’s Cassadine kin, his own his brother, his newfound and allegedly dead niece Esme and of course, the inimitable Heather Webber – played by The Wonder Years and The Bold and the Beautiful alum Alley Mills, who won last year’s Guest Performer Daytime Emmy for the mayhem she bred.

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“I love Alley,” Lindstrom raves. “She’s just a remarkable person and just an amazing actress. She is very old school in the way that she likes to work it and rehearse it to make sure we mine as much out of every scene as we can. I love working with her.”

The actor considers whether Heather Webber can be saved

This week, we’ll get to see Kevin deal with a whole new Heather Webber. As the new General Hospital headwriters reset the canvas, Heather’s hip replacement is sure to cure the metallosis that may have caused her insanity – or at least, give her an opening to pretend it has.

“Kevin can be optimistic and wants to believe that there’s a good side to all of us,” Lindstrom sighs. “But there’s no way he’s ever going forget that Heather was out there, killing people with his brother! He will look at everything with a skeptical point of view.”

That makes sense, considering it was Kevin’s belief that he could rehabilitate his twin that ultimately set the psycho back out in the world after he was believed dead for 23 years! As for whether Ryan Chamberlain could rise from the dead again, his portrayer sure hopes so.

“Playing Ryan has been one of the great joys of my life and I didn’t think it was possible after 25 years… so anything is possible,” Lindstrom tells FIRST. “I would also love to have Esme come back. It’s like we Chamberlains breed phoenixes that rise from the flames!”

First, however, General Hospital’s Kevin and Laura must contend with Heather Webber and what this metallosis surgery means for her…and the rest of Port Charles!

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