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Jenna Dewan’s Favorite Essential Oils for Staying Calm in Stressful Times (EXCLUSIVE)


Let’s face it, being a working woman is stressful enough, but add in the extra title of “Mom” and it’s a whole new playing field. Suddenly, you’re being pulled in more directions than you ever thought imaginable and life gets, well, overwhelming. It’s a feeling Jenna Dewan Tatum knows all too well. The 36-year-old actress has a 4-year-old daughter with her Hollywood hunk husband, Channing Tatum, and a busy career that shows no signs of slowing down. So what’s her secret to staying sane amongst her multitude of responsibilities? Essential oils.

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s favorite essential oils.

The 5’3″ dancer is a self-described “oiler” and is a huge fan of Young Living’s products. Her favorites? Well, there’s a list. “I love Thieves oil for everything immune boosting and purification. I slather it on my feet when I travel and on my neck,” she exclusively told us. “Lavender is my favorite in the bath. Rose oil is amazing and effects your mood in a sensual and feminine way. White Angelica and Hope are two blends that I love so much. When I wear those together people stop me in the street.”

“I also really like citrusy stuff, like the lemon and the grapefruit,” she added. “I use them all… they influence my mood throughout the day so I use different ones for different times.”

Using essential oils on her daughter.

Ever since Jenna gave birth to her daughter Everly in 2013, she’s become very aware of the chemicals that are in cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, dish soaps, etc. Since then, she’s worked hard to be as natural as she possibly can be, and she’s exposed her daughter to the lifestyle, as well.

“Everly is a big oil fan, too. Every night I use the Tranquil blend in the roller [on her] — it has chamomile and cedarwood in it,” she said. “And I rub that all over her neck and her chest — it really helps calm her. I would say she’s a full of energy four-year-old, so anything at night that helps soothe her and calm her down I use.”

Making time for herself.

Being swept up by the responsibilities of life is something Jenna understands all too well, and something she’s had to learn to take a firm stand on. “It’s the biggest challenge for women… to be able to be there for yourself, there for your child, there for your family, there for yourself at work, I mean it’s constant juggling,” she said. “I’ve had to learn the hard way to prioritize myself at times. It’s very easy to do everything for everyone else, but taking the time to really get into the oils, use them in baths, use them on my body, really calms and balances me in a lot of ways, I just need to make time for myself too.”

Jenna Dewan Essential Oils

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Outside of the oils, Jenna likes to keep a mental log of where she’s been spending most of her energy. She never wants to dedicate too much time to something that’s not related to her family. “It’s like a scale — if I’m spending too much time at work, I spend the whole weekend with my family,” she said. “It’s a checks-and-balances kind of thing. You’ve always got to keep a running tab to see which one you’re putting more energy in and balancing it a little bit. For me, I need all the elements of my life to feel fulfilled and so I love what I do — I love working, I love being with my daughter, I love my husband, I’m really passionately into the wellness lifestyle… So all these things serve the grander purpose for me.”

“There is no secret [to juggling everything though]. If I had a secret I would tell you. There are good days, there are days that aren’t so great, and you just try to do the best you can.”

Spoken like a true mother.

Jenna and Channing’s adorable daughter is rarely seen, but she’s the spitting image of her parents.

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