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Jennifer Nettles Calls Herself A Match-Maker and Fairy Godmother on FOX TV’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’

The country superstar and the farmers share behind-the-scenes secrets about the show!

Smiling in the South Carolina sunshine, Jennifer Nettles calls her role as host of Farmer Wants a Wife somewhere between match maker, a fairy Godmother and a translator, and she’s enjoying every minute.

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Currently airing Thursday nights on Fox TV at 9pm EST, this is Jennifer’s second season hosting the show, which spotlights 32 women who trade city life for life on the farm as they look for a love connection with one of four handsome farmers.

“All over the world it’s resulted in 201 marriages and over 514 children,” Jennifer tells FIRST for Women on the set of the show, which airs in 32 countries.

Jennifer Nettles, 2023
Jennifer Nettles, 2023Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“When I looked at that track record, I thought this must be happening for the right reasons. The format itself is not the most conventional thing to have a farmer and then ladies in your house. That’s not normally the way we date and find love and yet at the same time, I think the inspiration and the intention behind it is so genuine. The people, the farmers, they seem to be such kind and good people.”

The faces of the show

The show features Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers and Nathan Smothers, who welcome the women into their lives in hopes of finding true love. Obviously, in the process, all the participants are looking to get to know each other and communicate effectively.

However, both in real life and reality television, good communication isn’t always easy. “I started watching the farmers and it felt like they needed some encouragement here and there and maybe some guidance. I enjoyed taking on that role somewhere between match maker and fairy Godmother, maybe a little bit of a translator,” the Grammy winner singer and actress says in her sweet Georgia drawl.

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“I’ve been translating the ladies’ needs and what is it that they are saying that they need most from their farmers or that they might want done different and translating that from the ladies to the farmers. That has also turned out to be a part of my role which is fun.”

The show premiered in February and the season two finale is slated for May 9. Farmer Wants a Wife features 23-year-old Florida citrus and cattle farmer Nathan Smothers, 42-year-old Sikeston, MO cowboy Ty Ferrell, 27-year-old Mitchell Kolinsky from Mount Juliet, TN and Brandon Rogers, 29, from Center, CO.

Brandon Rogers talks difficult adjustments

Brandon Rogers, Farmer Wants a Wife
Brandon Rogers, Farmer Wants a WifeMichael Becker/FOX

“I think the biggest wakeup call for the girls on my farm is the fact that we’re in remote Colorado,” says Rogers, who grows potatoes and barley.

“We’re four hours from the closest big airport. Center, CO is in the southern part of the state, by Alamosa. I think all the girls have loved the views in the area, but the hardest part is we’re in the middle of nowhere. There is a Starbucks in Alamosa, but that’s 30 minutes from where I’m at, so they are having to adjust to the remoteness of Colorado mountain farming.” 

Get to know Mitchell Kolinsky from Farmer Wants a Wife

Mitchell Kolinsky, Farmer Wants a Wife
Mitchell Kolinsky, Farmer Wants a WifeMichael Becker/FOX

All the farmers are looking for a romantic partner who is longing to embrace their rural lifestyle. “I feel like the outdoors truly bring people together, especially family,” says Mitchell, who plans to raise beef cattle and horses on his Tennessee farm. “My grandfather always called me cowboy ever since I can remember. There’s pictures of me like 2 years old with a little cowboy hat, chaps and a plastic pistol on my hip so it’s definitely a way of life for me.”

Mitchell is also looking for a loving person, who is also a believer. “I’m looking for a girl that is trustworthy, loyal, kind, helpful and has a loving heart,” he tells FIRST for Women. “Growing up in a Christian home, going to a Christian school for 13 years, I want to raise my children the same way my parents raised me…I actually moved to Nashville from Knoxville for a girl and it didn’t work out. I feel like the Lord has been mending me and growing me into the man that he wants me to be. I’m ready for this season of life and I truly believe that I’m finally ready to give my own heart another opportunity at love.”

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Get to know Nathan Smothers from Farmer Wants a Wife

Nathan Smothers, Farmer Wants a Wife
Nathan Smothers, Farmer Wants a WifeMichael Becker/FOX

The youngest farmer, Nathan, lost his father when he was 12 and grew up with his mom and three older sisters. After college he returned to the farm. “I’m a fourth-generation farmer,” he tells FFW.

“The big thing that I’m looking for is somebody who is a big supporter. It’s a family business so my cousins and my great-uncle are still working in the business. I want somebody who supports me. I work long hours and I’d like a girl that sees the dream that I see and will support me through that, but at the same time can joke around and have a good time.”

Get to know Ty Ferrell from Farmer Wants a Wife

Ty Ferrell, Farmer Wants a Wife
Ty Ferrell, Farmer Wants a WifeMichael Becker/FOX

Ty is divorced and has a 12-year-old daughter. “My daughter Lennon is excited,” he says. “She was pumped about it. She just really genuinely hopes that I will find somebody. Being married and being divorced — and I was actually engaged in a long-term relationship — I look at things a little different and from a different perspective and what I’ve learned is no matter what kind of relationship you’ve been in the next one is going to be different. You can learn a few things, but just because you think you know from that relationship doesn’t mean that anything really carries over to the next one. You have to completely learn who that person is and who you are to that person within the good and the bad and to get through the conflict or the hard times and how you have to communicate those things.”

Jennifer herself is happily married with a 10-year-old. Would she ever want her son Magnus to look for love on a reality TV show? “I think something like this where everybody seems like their hearts are in the right place, I would be totally open if he was interested,” she smiles.

“I really commend them because it does take a spirit of adventure and it does take courage to put yourself out there and say, ‘Alright I’m open to finding love and putting myself out there in this way on camera.’ So, if he felt like embarking on that adventure hey, why not? Be yourself.”

For more of Jennifer’s tips and details on the show, pick up the latest issue of FIRST for Women on newstands or buy your copy online here.

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