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Coffee-Pouring Puzzle Ignites Hilarious Caffeinated Debate


We love a good brain-teaser and a nice cup of coffee, so when we saw the latest viral puzzle on the internet, we couldn’t wait to solve it. The best part? Solving the teaser means finding out which cup gets the coffee first. (Oh, how we hope it’s ours!)

Posted by Twitter user @_herbeautyxo, the puzzle shows an image of a fancy coffee maker above four different cups awaiting the beverage. But standing between the coffee maker and the cups are these pesky, maze-like pipes, which cause the coffee to travel in a distinct direction. Labeled 4, 9, 5, and 7, the cups are strategically placed under specific pipes, and it’s the viewer’s job to figure out which one is becoming the cup o’ joe first.

If this photo leaves you scratching your head for a bit, you’re certainly not alone. A couple thousand Twitter users sounded off in the comments, giving out their freshly brewed hot take on which cup was the winner. So in short, the puzzle stumped a lot of people. But before long, a few eagle-eyed folks spotted which cup it was.

Ready for it?

If you picked number 5, go ahead and pour yourself a real celebratory cup of java because you got it right! (But if you got it wrong, no worries, you can still have your favorite hot drink, because there’s rarely a wrong time for that!) As a matter of fact, 5 is the only cup that gets coffee in the end.

If you’re still confused, though, take a closer look at the image. You see, the pipes leading to all the different cups vary in length, but the poor 4, 9, and 7 cups are actually completely sealed off. So regardless of the the length, no caffeine buzz for them (at least until the pipes are removed).

Aren’t these puzzles so genius?

h/t Country Living

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