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Blame the Eclipse for Your Weird Menstrual Cycle This Month


If you’ve noticed your Aunt Flow acting stranger than usual this month, the sun may be to blame. Yes, really. Marie Claire has reported that many women are noticing strange effects that the total solar eclipse is having… on their period. And they’re speaking up.

One woman whose period typically runs like “clockwork” found her cycle to be acting bizarrely just for this month alone, around the time of the eclipse. Tamar Lesnoy told the mag, “Never in my life has happened.”

Tamar wasn’t the only one.

“This cycle has been longer and heavier and I couldn’t pinpoint why — even my husband has noticed my PMS symptoms are worse this week,” Meg Constantino said.

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We couldn’t help but wonder if the women in our lives were having a similar experience (especially since yours truly had hers come two days earlier than expected). So we asked, and they spoke up, too.

Chelsea Duff’s cycle was behaving as it normally did, but she noticed something unusual when she spoke to her friends about it happening during the eclipse.

“We all thought it was interesting that we were cycling at the same time as the eclipse,” she said. “I will say that when I went out today to try and see the eclipse using my phone, it all just looked like the normal sun and I could feel myself bleeding — so all in all, the moon and I aren’t getting along today.”

Jaclyn Mastropasqua noticed something strange happening with her cycle, too.

“It came a week earlier than it usually does,” she said.

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While there hasn’t been any confirmation from studies that our cycles are determined by anything happening outside our bodies, one women’s health specialist pointed out an interesting observation often made about a different cycle — an astronomical one — to Marie Claire.

“We tend to feel the strongest pulls during the full moon, which may result in heightened emotions and feelings of heaviness on a physical and energetic level,” said Allison Walton. “Think about the power of the moon’s gravitational pull on the tides. Now imagine what that may do to our body as well.”

And that’s not all!

She added, “Traditionally, the new moon is associated with menstruation, when a woman’s body is shedding, releasing, and bleeding. Known as the White Moon Cycle, it’s a time to deeply nurture and honor the body, allowing plenty of space to restore.”

Well, scientific confirmation or not, we’ll just take this as an excuse to practice as much self care as we can for the rest of the month! Why not, right?

h/t Marie Claire

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