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10 Best Movies to Enjoy with Dad this Father’s Day — And Where to Watch!

From comedy classics to modern remakes, these feel-good films are sure to delight.


It can be hard to know exactly what to get the dad in your life — be it your father, husband, grandfather or uncle — for Father’s Day. But instead of spending money this year, why not spend quality time by curling up to watch a feel-good movie together?

Whether you’re looking for a hilarious comedy or an emotional flick, we’ve got you covered with everything from Mrs. Doubtfire to Father of the Bride, only two of the 10 best movies to watch with dad.

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1. Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

This classic film, starring Steve Martin as Tom Baker, the father to 12 kids, is one of the best movies to watch with dad. Released in 2003, Cheaper by the Dozen follows the family as they move to a new city following a job offer. The dozen, his kids ranging from ages 8 to 27, aren’t too thrilled about the move.

As Tom works to raise the family while his author wife, Kate (Bonnie Hunt), goes on a book tour, the kids — unsurprisingly — create chaos. This sweet family flick is perfect to watch with your dad this holiday.

Watch Cheaper by the Dozen on Disney+ now, and if you crave even more huge family fun, stick around for 2005’s Cheaper by the Dozen 2, also on Disney+.

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2. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993): Best Movies to Watch with Dad

Everybody knows Mrs. Doubtfire, thanks to Robin Williams‘ impressive portrayal of the character, which is more than enough to make this a perfect one to watch with your pop on Father’s Day. After divorcing his wife, Miranda (Sally Field), and not getting to see his kids as often as he’d like, Daniel decides to disguise himself as the female nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Not recognizing who Mrs. Doubtfire really is, Miranda hires him and Daniel quickly wins over his kids thanks to his new identity. But when he and his other persona need to meet different people at the same restaurant at the same time, Daniel’s plan starts to unravel.

Watch Mrs. Doubtfire on Disney+ now!

3. Three Men and a Baby (1987)

A hilarious watch, Three Men and a Baby follows Peter (Tom Selleck), Michael (Steve Guttenberg) and Jack (Ted Danson), three bachelors who are caught completely by surprise after an infant gets dropped off on their doorstep.

With the revelation that the baby is Jack’s daughter, the men work together to raise her, at first unsuccessfully. But after spending time with their new roommate, each of the men start to become attached to her and reveal their more tender sides. Another one of the best movies to watch with dad this Father’s Day!

Watch Three Men and a Baby on Disney+ now, and there’s a great opportunity to continue the fun with its 1990 sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, also available on Doisney+

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4. We Bought a Zoo (2011): Best Movies to Watch with Dad

After his wife’s untimely death, Benjamin decides to relocate his children and make a fresh start at the Rosemoor Wildlife Park. The large property is perfect for children with room to roam for the dozens of the animals it houses.

As a part of their fresh start, Benjamin, his kids and a few friends work to renovate and reopen the zoo. Starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, We Bought a Zoo is an adorable watch for Father’s Day!

Watch We Bought a Zoo on Disney+ now!

5. Daddy’s Home (2015)

Brad wants to be the best stepfather he can be for his new wife’s two children. But when their edgy biological father, Dusty, comes back into town, Brad finds himself lacking in the dad department. Dusty — bad boy, athletic and the total opposite of Brad — inserts himself back into his kids’ lives, making Brad’s mission that much harder.

Brad and Dusty find themselves in a rivalry for their children’s affections and they will do whatever it takes to win. Starring Will Ferrell as Brad and Mark Wahlberg as Dusty.

Watch Daddy’s Home on Pluto TV now!

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6. Fatherhood (2021): Best Movies to Watch with Dad

New father Matthew (Kevin Hart) finds himself raising his baby girl alone after the unexpected death of his wife. Learning the ropes of parenting with his daughter as the perfect “teacher,” he finds that he must overcome some major obstacles.

Based on a true story, Fatherhood will have you laughing, crying and remembering just why you love your dad so much. This 2021 movie is a sweet one, perfect for both of you.

Watch Fatherhood on Netflix now!

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7. Father of the Bride (1991)

It’s Steve Martin and another hilarious father-related comedy. Father of the Bride follows George Banks, dad of soon-to-be bride Annie (Kimberly Williams). After she announces her swift engagement, George and his wife, Nina (Diane Keaton), deal with the ups and downs of planning a big wedding.

With the meeting of the in-laws and planning the big day with an extravagant consultant (Martin’s Only Murders in the Building co-star Martin Short), George faces mishaps and troubles at every turn, and Martin hilariously portrays the overprotective George in this comedy that sees him just trying to survive the big day. Give this 1991 version of the film a watch if you’re in the mood to have a good laugh with your dad.

Watch Father of the Bride on Disney+ now, and make it a twofer with 2005’s Father of the Bride Part II, also on Disney+.

8. Big Daddy (1999): Best Movies to Watch with Dad

Irresponsible Sonny has had a rather freeing schedule and little to no obligations. But when his girlfriend finally has had enough and dumps him for an older, more mature man, Sonny searches for a way to prove he’s ready to grow up. To this end, he goes to extremes when he decides to adopt 5-year-old Julian to impress her.

Of course, the formerly carefree, lazy law school grad finds more challenges than he expected. And when his ex is not impressed, Sonny realizes he might have made a mistake. Starring comedian Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse, Big Daddy is a great pick if you’re looking for an amusing watch and one of the best movies to watch with dad this Father’s Day!

Watch Big Daddy on Hulu now!

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9. The Game Plan (2007)

A football comedy for you and dad! The film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as single, wealthy football star Joe Kingman. On the cusp of winning a championship for his team, Joe finds out some unexpected news: he has an 8-year-old daughter.

When she shows up on his doorstep to stay, Joe has to learn how to parent while maintaining his football status. The duo make the perfect father-daughter pair and the film is another great one for you and dad to enjoy.

Watch The Game Plan on Disney+ now!

10. Finding Nemo (2003): Best movies to watch with dad

Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks), an overly cautious clown fish, is very protective of his son, Nemo (voiced by Alexander Gould), who has to get by in life with a shortened fin. When Nemo gets tired of being treated like a baby, he decides to swim towards the surface to prove himself and is caught by a diver, setting Marlin off on a journey to find his son.

Joined by Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres), a fish with short-term memory loss, Marlin encounters a number of dangers on his venture. Meanwhile, Nemo plots his own escape back to his home. A genuinely heartfelt Disney flick.

Watch Finding Nemo on Disney+ now!

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