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Get Extra Crispy Baked Potatoes With This Simple Oven Rack Hack

It won't leave a mess!


Ever feel like making a baked potato just isn’t worth the hassle? Sure, it’s a tasty side that could even serve as a full meal, but getting it just right can be tough. You don’t want them to be soggy, but you also don’t want want to make a mess to get them super crispy. Thankfully, we found a simple hack that for a crispy baked potato that will solve all your problems.

This hack is super simple since it doesn’t require changing how you prep your potato. Simply wash the spud and poke it with a few holes. This helps let steam out while it’s cooking. Then slather it in your preferred oil. You can use olive oil, butter, vegetable oil or any kind of fat. Make sure to cover it thoroughly for the best result. Once it’s oiled, sprinkle salt all over.

Then comes the part that will give you an extra crispy baked potato. Instead of wrapping in foil, which can lead to soggy skin, place the potato directly on the oven rack. I know what you’re thinking: this will make a mess! You can already picture the oil or butter sliding off into your oven, requiring a good clean. That’s where the hack comes in.

After setting your potato on the middle rack, grab a baking sheet and place it on the bottom rack right underneath. Make sure the sheet covers all the potatoes. This simple hack gathers any oil falling off the potato and keeps it off your oven — saving some major cleaning time. All you have to do is give your potatoes about 50 minutes in 375 degrees Fahrenheit for the perfect crispy skin. Remove with tongs, and don’t forget an oven mitt to take out the baking sheet.

And that’s it! Enjoy your baked potato with all your favorite toppings and leave the baking sheet soaking in the sink. A quick cleanse after will take care of the cleaning. Now you know how to make a perfect baked potato absolutely mess free.

This article was updated on October 3, 2022.

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