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A Magic Eraser Will Make Your Stained Coffee Mugs Shine Like New

Erase those stains away!


Coffee fiends everywhere grapple with a familiar foe: stubborn stains on their favorite mugs. No matter how many times you run them through the dishwasher, those coffee stains just won’t come clean. The only way to get them out is to use some serious elbow grease — and even that doesn’t always work. But before you give up on getting your light-colored mugs to sparkle like new again, try this easy hack to clean your stained coffee mug.

While there are many tips and tricks out there for cleaning coffee mugs, I’m usually dismayed by how many different ingredients or steps it takes to really clean them. I’m a busy woman — it’s hard enough to get all my dishes done without adding extra steps for my daily mugs. But one household item we all know and love might do the trick in one go.

Promising to “clean your coffee cups for good,” Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Buy from Amazon, $6.06) seems to be the best way to get rid of coffee stains. The Mr. Clean website has a step-by-step guide on how to use their iconic product to clean coffee mugs, and honestly, I can’t believe I never thought of doing this before. The magic eraser doesn’t just have to be for cleaning stains around my home!

How to Clean Your Coffee Mug

Start with a clean, dry coffee mug, so the eraser can attack the stains better. Then, wet your magic eraser thoroughly and give it a couple squeezes. This should get its “magic” properties working before you use it. When you see bubbles forming, it’s ready to go.

You’ll want to test the eraser on a small patch to make sure it won’t damage your cup or mug. This can happen if there’s a special glaze or finishing on your cup that the eraser might scrub away. But for most industrial-made mugs, it should be safe to use.

If it looks okay, the next part should be seriously satisfying. Start working the eraser in a circle along the inside of your mug. You should start to see the stains disappear the more you scrub the eraser around the cup. When I tried it, I was excited to see it working so well.

The final step is to wash your mug again, making sure to rinse it well. You don’t want any eraser residue accidentally contaminating your next cup of joe. I opted to put my newly-stain-free mug in the dishwasher to put my mind at ease. The less work for me, the better.

If you want to really clean your stained coffee mug, Mr. Clean gets the job done.

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