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Carrie Underwood’s Best Motherhood Quotes: Post-Baby Workouts, Parenting Mistakes and More

Something to sing about! Carrie Underwood shares two sons with her husband, Mike Fisher, and loves gushing about her little guys.

Something to sing about! Carrie Underwood shares two sons with her husband, Mike Fisher, and loves gushing about her little guys.

The American Idol season 4 winner gave birth to the couple’s eldest, Isaiah, in February 2015. “Tiny hands and tiny feet. God has blessed us with an amazing gift!” the country singer captioned her March 2015 Instagram reveal. “Isaiah Michael Fisher — born on February 27. Welcome to the world, sweet angel!”

The Oklahoma native’s news came six months after she announced that she and the professional ice hockey player, who wed in 2010, were starting a family together.

The pair welcomed their second child, Jacob, in January 2019. Fisher posted a picture of the newborn at the time, writing via Instagram: “You are a gift from our Lord! The last few years has had its challenges and it makes this moment even more sweet! We didn’t know if Izzy would ever have another sibling but we learned through it all that God is in control and His timing is perfect! He is good all the time even in the difficult times that are hard to understand.”

He and the “Before He Cheats” singer “have always wanted a little girl,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively in May 2019, but Underwood is loving life with her sons for now. “She attends school functions and sports games,” the insider went on to tell Us. “She’s a regular PTA mom.”

When it comes to raising the boys, Underwood and Fisher are a great team. “They balance each other out,” the source revealed at the time. “Carrie tells her friends how lucky she is.”

A second source gushed to Us the previous year: “Carrie and Mike have a great life and a very strong marriage — one that their friends envy. They are completely committed to each other and in it for the long run.”

Underwood enjoyed hanging at home with her children amid the coronavirus pandemic, telling Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she got “back to [her] roots.”

The songwriter called herself “very lucky” in the December 2020 interview. “I do have two incredible boys and my husband, and we live on a farm, and I kind of got to maybe get back to some of my roots boy not being on stage for a minute,” Underwood said at the time. “I got to be outside so much and I got to work in the garden and just be a mom and be a wife and be at home. It’s the most I’ve been still in over 15 years.”

Keep scrolling to see the sweet things Underwood has said about motherhood over the years, from her post-baby body to her rookie parenting mistake.

Carrie Underwood's baby in Instagram post.
Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Proud Parents

The “Jesus, Take the Wheel” songstress over her “sweet angel” Isaiah when he arrived in February 2015.

Carrie Underwood with son.
Mark Humphrey/AP/Shutterstock

Behaved Baby

Isaiah “rarely” cried as a newborn. Underwood told Ellen DeGeneres in October 2015: “He’s the sweetest and smiliest baby, I think, ever. So, that’s a blessing when you’re waking up at 3 in the morning. When he’s smiling at you, that makes it not so bad.”

Carrie Underwood on AMA red carpet.
Emma McIntyre / Staff/Getty

Parrot Phase

“He mimics right now,” she told Us of Isaiah in May 2016. “He’s really been into whatever you say. If you get frustrated and say, ‘Ugh,’ he’ll go, ‘Ugh.’ … He makes me happy all day every day. He’s adorable and he’s smart and he’s sweet. I am beyond lucky. I don’t deserve him.”

In Memoriam

Underwood suffered multiple miscarriages between her sons’ births, explaining on CBS Sunday Morning in September 2018: “I got mad. … I was like, ‘Why on Earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a kid? Like, what is this? Shut the door. Like, do something. Either shut the door or let me have a kid. ‘And for the first time, I feel like I actually I told God how I felt. I went to the doctor to, like, confirm, another miscarriage. And they told me everything was great!”

Double Duty

She told Us exclusively in October 2018 about “working and dividing” her time as a working mom, saying, “Balance is what it’s all about.”

Carrie Underwood shares photo with newborn son on Instagram.
Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Welcome to the World

“Jacob Bryan Fisher entered the world in the wee hours of the morning on Monday,” Underwood wrote on Instagram in January 2019. “His mom, dad and big brother couldn’t be happier for God to trust them with taking care of this little miracle! Our hearts are full, our eyes are tired and our lives are forever changed. Life is good.”

Bouncing Back

The American Music Award winner had a “difficult” time “bouncing back” after giving birth to her second son. She explained on Instagram in March 2019: “I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately. I go into the gym and I can’t run as fast or as far. I can’t lift as much weight or do as many reps as I could a year ago. I just want to feel like myself again…for my body to feel the way that I know it can.”

Rookie Mistake

So sweet! “Thanks to the nice lady who offered to buy me a drink at lunch today after I carried my naked, poo covered, screaming baby up the stairs and back to my table,” Underwood tweeted in March 2019. “It was a rookie mistake leaving the diaper bag at the table and only taking a diaper and 2 wipes. Never again.”

Mama Bear

“This morning my 4-year-old, who hates wearing jeans, asked to wear jeans so he could ‘look cute for Maddie [Marlow],’” the singer wrote of her son’s crush in May 2019. “He also asked me to fix his hair and to get him some flowers that he could give to her. Don’t you break his heart @MaddieMarlow.”

Birthday Boy

Underwood gushed over Jacob on his 1st birthday, writing via Instagram: “You are smiley, crazy, smart, soooo fast and into everything! And, apparently, you love cake! I can’t wait to see your personality continue to shine! I have a good feeling you’re going to keep us all on our toes for years to come! I thank God for you each and every day. You are truly our miracle baby! Mommy loves you!”

Secret Strengths

“Soooo apparently I’m 70 and I’m really good at doing the laundry,” the Grammy winner captioned a photo of her eldest son’s hilarious “All About My Mom” worksheet in February 2020.

Carrie Underwood on red carpet.
Jason Davis / Stringer/Getty


“For my body to not be doing something it was ‘supposed to do’ was a tough pill to swallow,” the Grammy winner told Women’s Health of her miscarriages in March 2020. “It reminded me I’m not in control of everything.” Underwood went on to say that speaking of her losses was a “weight off,” adding, “It’s not a dirty secret. It’s something many women go through.”

Take Note

“You are important,” the Find Your Path author said of working out as a mom during a March 2020 Today show appearance. “If you don’t have your balance, everything else is out of balance.”

Opening Up

“The entire time I was making Cry Pretty, I was going through [my miscarriages],” Underwood told Parade in March 2020. “For a year and a half plus, that was my world, and it felt like some secret I wasn’t supposed to talk about. But that’s what you do as a songwriter, you open your heart in the form of music and you talk about it. The response that I’ve received from women, it’s helpful to know that you’re not alone. That they’ve experienced the same things you have.”

Quarantine Crew

Underwood posted a smiling selfie in April 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic with a sign reading, “#IStayHome for my boys.”

Jungle Gym

The singer showed off “mornings at the Fisher house” in April 2020, sharing a picture of her husband flying their sons around like airplanes.

Totally Grateful

While attending the American Music Awards in November 2019, Underwood praised her family. “My list of things I’m thankful for is too vast,” she explained. “First and foremost, my family. We had a baby earlier this year, which is crazy to think about all of the things that we’ve done and thinking about starting off this year pregnant and having a baby and all of the places that he’s already seen. I’m thankful for health and we’ve had safety along all of our travels.”

Carrie Underwood with husband and son.
Michael Tran / Stringer/Getty

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

In February 2020, the “Cry Pretty” singer revealed that experiencing insomnia while pregnant helped her go write her book, Find Your Path. “At the time I was writing a lot of the book,” she said during a Q&A session for radio broadcasters. “I was pregnant, and I had the worst pregnancy insomnia, which actually ended up being a blessing because that’s when I wrote the majority of the book — the window from, like, 2 a.m. to 5 or 6.”

A Tough Journey

Underwood opened up about the long road to welcoming her second child after suffering three miscarriages. “For my body to not be doing something it was ‘supposed to do’ was a tough pill to swallow,” she said in the April 2020 issue of Women’s Health. “It reminded me I’m not in control of everything.”

The country star said that discussing the issues was a “weight lifted off my shoulders,” adding, “It’s not a dirty secret. It’s something many women go through.”


“I was never good with other people’s kids,” the country singer revealed in a May 2020 sneak peek of her and Fisher’s Mike and Carrie: God & Country series. “Why would I be good with one of my own?”

Alternate Avenues

Underwood and Fisher asked themselves, “What’s the future look like? We don’t know. Are we going to adopt?” after their miscarriages, she revealed in a June 2020 episode of Mike and Carrie: God & Country.

Time for Tears

Underwood reflected on finding out about one of her miscarriages in a June 2020 Mike and Carrie: God & Country episode, saying, “I just remember not wanting to be by myself, so I went up to Isaiah’s room and crawled into bed with him. I don’t know how that kid didn’t wake up because I was bawling.”


Underwood called herself “a dummy” in September 2020 for not mentioning Fisher, Isaiah or Jacob in her acceptance speech at the Academy of Country Music Awards. “I do love my children and my husband,” she said in the press room after winning Entertainer of the Year.

Carrie Underwood acceptance Speech at AMAs.
Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty

Quarantine Cuties

“It’s been really great to just really get to know them and watch them grow, especially Jake, who is … 18 months old,” Underwood said of quarantining with her sons during a September 2020 Today show appearance. “It is a critical time in his life, and I’m never going to get it back. We’re trying to enjoy it.”


Underwood’s eldest son wanted to dress up for Halloween as The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie in October 2020, she told Katie & Company. “I’m having some trouble finding that costume, only because it’s for adults,” the American Idol alum explained. “Maybe I’ll get a potato-sack-type of situation — a burlap sack. Maybe I can make one out of that, I’m not sure. Wish me luck.”

Proud Parent

Underwood praised her eldest son’s performance on her September 2020 Christmas album, telling Entertainment Tonight the following month: “He loves to sing, and he has such a giving, loving heart about him.”

Counting Her Blessings

“I’m very lucky,” Underwood told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in December 2020 of her quarantine crew. “I do have two incredible boys. … We live on a farm, and I kind of got to get back to some of my roots by not being on stage for a minute, and I got to be outside so much and work in the garden and just be a mom and be a wife. … It’s the most I’ve been still in over 15 years.”

Carrie Underwood on red carpet.
Emma McIntyre / Staff

Bragging Rights

The singer’s eldest son is “so proud” of his “Little Drummer Boy” collab with his mom, she told Kelly Clarkson in December 2020. “He went to school and he’s like, ‘Hey, my song’s out! Wanna hear my song?'” Underwood explained. “And they were listening to it in his class.”

Birthday Boy

“Jacob, we longed for you,” Underwood captioned a throwback photo of her youngest son in January 2021. “We prayed for you. We walked a long, hard road in order to one day hold you. Today you are 2. You are silly and strong. You love to play and sing and follow your big brother around. You are loved. You are cherished. You are an incredible blessing from God.”

Perfect Pitch

Isaiah knows how to sing “correct notes,” Underwood gushed to Drew Barrymore in January 2021. She noted, “I don’t know if he’ll have that passion [for it] at all.”

Proud Parent

Underwood gushed in February 2021 that she is grateful “every day” to be Isaiah’s mom, writing via Instagram: “You are kind, funny, smart, the best big brother, a lover of cuddles and crafts and you have the biggest heart and the best imagination! You love to make people feel good and you especially love to make them laugh! God has given you so many gifts.”

Mini Artists

Underwood posted her 38th birthday card from her eldest son in March 2021, writing via Instagram: “That’s a lot of so’s.” Sure enough, Isaiah drew a heart and a waving person, writing, “I love you Mom so so so much.” His little brother scribbled on a separate card.

Calling for Reinforcements

“How to stop a crying toddler,” Underwood captioned a March 2021 Instagram Story video of Fisher talking to Jacob through a stuffed horse.

Fruity Fun

Underwood praised her “little helpers” while picking blackberries in July 2021.

Sporty Son

Underwood gushed over her eldest son’s “baseball debut” in September 2021, writing via Instagram: “I got more nervous watching him than I used to get when I watched his daddy play hockey! #ProudMom #KidCanHit.”

Keeping It Creepy

“I’m not sure what three out of four of us are supposed to be,” Underwood joked via Instagram after celebrating Halloween 2021 with her sons and Fisher.

‘Star Wars’ Sweetie

“It has been so much fun to see this little dude grow!” Underwood captioned a February 2022 Instagram slideshow while celebrating son Isaiah’s 7th birthday. “He has the biggest heart and the brightest smile. His love for Jesus is strong and pure. He is an old soul with a vintage style. Wise beyond his years.”

Super Sweet

Underwood gushed about “feeling love” on her 39th birthday in March 2022, giving a glimpse of an epic pink cake from her two sons.


Underwood hinted that her little ones might be following in her performing footsteps some day, telling Entertainment Tonight in June 2022, “They’re not shy, that’s for sure.”

Carrie Underwood with husband and son.
Albert L. Ortega / Contributor/Getty

Supermom and Superstar

The “Hate My Heart” singer revealed during an October 2022 Today interview that her son Isaiah was “becoming more aware” of her celebrity status.

“He’ll go to school and someone will be like, ‘I saw your mom on TV last night,’” Underwood explained. “He’s just becoming more aware that his mom does something that’s not normal.’”

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