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51-Year-Old News Anchor Shares Fake Eyelashes Trick To Make Her Eyes Look Less Droopy

Her whole lash tutorial is pretty impressive.


Millennials and Gen Z may love their fake eyelashes, but for everyone else, stick-on lashes probably seem unnecessary or just plain difficult. So many things can go wrong: What if the glue gets in your eye? What if the lashes look clownish? For news anchor Tamsen Fadal, though, the bang is worth the buck. (We take her advice seriously, because she needs picture-perfect lashes every day on TV.) She’s changing the narrative and introducing women over 50 to a great fake eyelash trick to make mature eyes look less droopy.

Meet Tamsen Fadal

A primetime news anchor in New York City, Tamsen Fadal is a mom of two who often talks to her audience about the struggles of menopause and getting older, plus the wisdom she’s gained along the way. Some of her popular posts include “Dating Advice From a 51-Year Old Who Used To Be a Matchmaker” and “Ways I’ve Improved My Life After Turning 50.” She also shares makeup tips for working with mature skin.

Fadal’s Eyelash Trick

Don’t have time to watch Fadal’s whole tutorial? Here’s the main trick she uses: She trims the ends off of each fake lash. This lifts the appearance of her eyes and prevents the ends of the lashes from sagging over the eyelid’s outer edge. It also helps accentuate her eyes rather than her lashes, and gives her a more natural look. Here’s Fadal’s step-by-step process.

1. Curl your real eyelashes.

Use a simple eyelash curler. One we like: Elf Pro Eyelash Curler (Buy from Amazon, $5).

2. Trim the outer edges off of each lash.

Hold the lash along your lash line to determine how much you need to trim. The ideal length is shorter than you think — it should not reach all the way to your tear duct, and it should not reach past the outer edge of your eyelid. (You need a little empty space on either side of your eye to eliminate a drooping effect.) An extra tip from Fadal: Make sure you trim the extra plastic edge on the lash as well, “or it’ll drive you crazy.”

3. Use black eyelash glue.

“I use the black one because it blends in with my eyelashes … and you can’t tell what kind of mistakes [you’ve made] if you have a little bit of extra glue everywhere,” Fadal says. Her pick: Duo Strip Eyelash Adhesive (Buy from Amazon, $4.99). If you prefer, try a clear eyelash glue instead.

4. Squeeze a dot of eyelash glue onto a small plate or makeup tray.

Don’t try and spread a line of glue directly onto the lash. According to Fadal, this is a recipe for a mess, especially if you have a hard time keeping your hands steady.

5. Pick up the lash with tweezers.

Most lash kits come with a lash tweezer, but regular tweezers will do just fine. You can also use your fingers. “Sometimes I can use my fingers, but I have larger fingers,” Fadal admits.

6. Dip the lash line in the glue.

Do this gently so you don’t overload the lash with glue. Aim for a thin, even line. Dab off the excess glue onto the plate or tray.

7. Shake the lash in the air or wait for the glue to dry slightly.

“You want it to be tacky,” Fadal says. You can also lay the lash down gently, let it dry a little, and use the time to dip your other lash in glue.

8. Lay the fake lash down just above your lash line.

Whether you have thick or sparse lashes, get as close to the lash line as possible. Don’t overlap on your natural eyelashes. Check your placement in the mirror, and use your fingers to adjust the lash, bending it to the natural curve of your eye.

9. Use the flat end of your tweezers to gently press the lash into place.

You don’t have to use the tweezer end, but ideally you’ll find something made of plastic with a flat end. Don’t use your fingers for this step, as they may stick to the glue.

10. Finish with a touch of eyeliner.

Using dark eyeliner or powder, draw a thin line from your tear duct to the edge of the fake lash. Then line the rest of the lash line. This helps the fake lashes look more natural.

And that’s it! A bonus tip: If you want to apply mascara to your lower lashes, Fadal recommends using a very thin wand. One she likes that doesn’t smudge: MAC Extended Play (Buy from Amazon, $24).

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