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These Beauty Products Make Summer More Comfortable By Nixing Chafing and Boob Sweat


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Warm weather means backyard BBQs, beach days, and fun in the sun — and also the return of thigh chafing, sweaty bras, and melasma mustaches. That’s why people are loving Megababe, a beauty line that’s beloved for creating products that address these very problems.

Megababe’s line of best-selling products includes deodorant, (Rosy Pits, $14), an underarm mask (Happy Pits, $16), hand sanitizer (Squeaky Clean, $6), and even a “butt mask” (Le Tush, $22). But the ones that people rave the most about are made to relieve the burn of chafing thighs, and their signature “anti-boob-sweat powder” that promises to stop moisture from pooling in your bra on days when the mercury soars. They also have an answer for folks who tend to get a “melasma mustache” from time spent in the sun. (Bonus: None of their products are tested on animals.)

Between these three products, summer can be a lot more enjoyable. Imagine wearing your favorite sundresses without discomfort, splashing in your swimsuit without worrying about skin discoloration, and feeling cool and comfortable, not sweaty and sticky. Keep scrolling to shop our picks for the best products from Megababe to address your warm-weather woes!

Thigh Rescue

best for chafing
megababe thigh rescue anti chafe stick

Where to buy: $14, Megababe

Why we like it:

  • Grapeseed oil and vitamin E hydrate and protect skin
  • Smells great (not too strong!)

If your thighs touch when you walk (and whose don’t?), then you know the pain of wearing dresses and skirts in hot, sweaty weather. “Chub rub” is no joke — it can cause chafing that bleeds, scabs, and sometimes even scars. Wearing bike shorts is one way to prevent the discomfort of inner thighs rubbing together, but on the hottest days, who wants to wear an extra layer? Many anti-chafe products are sticky and uncomfortable, but according to hundreds of happy reviewers, Thigh Rescue is different. Here’s just one example of what people are saying …

“Thigh Chafe has changed my life for the better! I don’t wear shorts, skirts, or dresses without it. It doesn’t matter your body type, all thighs rub together and chafe! Buy this and you’ll never go without it again!”

Bust Dust

best for sweat
megababe bust dust anti sweat powder

Where to buy: $16, Megababe

Why we like it:

  • No-mess application
  • Absorbs quickly

When it’s super swampy outside, even the best moisture-wicking bras are no match for the humidity. That’s where Bust Dust comes in! It’s a talc-free powder infused with aloe and chamomile that absorbs sweat, so it doesn’t pool in your bra or run down your cleavage. (Not a good feeling!) It goes on via non-aerosol pump, right where you want it. No fuss, no muss! Take it from this devoted fan:

“Now that I have tried this product, I can’t imagine life without it! I no longer sweat through my bra or feel gross and sweaty by the end if the day! And the spray pump is so easy to use – no mess at all! Love it!”

Beach Paint

best for melasma
megababe beach paint anti melasma treatment

Where to buy: $22, Megababe

Why we like it:

  • Protects and covers a “sun mustache”
  • Comes in fun blue or shimmery sand

If you’ve ever noticed that spending time in the sun results in a dark shadow on your upper lip, you’ve experienced the effects of melasma. This is a type of hyperpigmentation of the skin, and it’s very common — especially in women who have undergone the hormonal changes of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause. Unfortunately, using a sunscreen with SPF alone doesn’t necessarily prevent melasma. That’s why Megababe developed Beach Paint, which physically blocks the sun’s rays from darkening your skin. Go bold and paint yourself a blue mustache on your next beach day, or be discreet and use the lighter “sand” color. Here’s what one happy customer wrote about it:

“Like a lot of women, I was devastated when melasma showed up on my face. Instead of having carefree summers, I now had to ensure I was covering my face and avoiding the sun as best as possible. This is the first product I’ve seen specifically intended for preventing melasma … After spending days at the beach, I’ve avoided the dreaded melasma spots and can confidently go makeup-free. This gives me back more freedom to enjoy the outdoors. I encourage everyone struggling with melasma to try Beach Paint!”

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